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9 Makeover Ideas for After a Breakup

One of the best ways to heal after a break up is to give yourself a makeover. These tips aren’t just for beauty makeovers, because learning how to give yourself a makeover after a break up isn’t just about changing your appearance. This break up is your chance to re-evaluate your life, and what you want out of it. Get healthy, happy, and strong. Be free!

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Home Makeover Tips

The $50 Home Makeover: 75 Easy Projects to Transform Your Current Space into Your Dream Place – for $50 or Less! by Shaunna West is an excellent place to start. Your home probably contains either traces or full-blown evidence of your ex, and you need to re-create your space. Make it yours. Be creative, light-hearted, and open-minded as you give your home a makeover and turn your break up around.

Another possibility for giving yourself  a makeover after a break up is an actual make up kit or professional beauty makeover. I have to at least mention beauty makeovers in an article about makeovers after break ups, don’t I? When you think about how to give yourself a makeover, you think eye shadow, concealer, lipstick, and blush (or maybe plastic surgery, Botox, or liposuction).

You need to figure out what type of makeover suits your personality, body, mind, and soul. If you’re into beauty makeovers, just make sure that changing how you look will make you feel healthy and be happy in the long run. For me, a beauty makeover isn’t my first makeover choice after a break up. I’d go for the “how to change your life” ideas. I’d get counseling, and maybe even join some sort of support group.

Makeover Ideas for After a Break Up

The best tip on how to give yourself a makeover after a break up is to pick ONE or two things to work on. Don’t try to make over your whole life at once, or you’ll feel overwhelmed. The idea is to give yourself power and inspiration, not make you feel inadequate or helpless.

Pick one or two things from this list of break up makeovers, and focus on it for a month. Then, pick something else. Maybe you’ll only want to stick with one makeover tip – maybe you only want to change one thing about yourself or life. That’s great! I hope these makeover ideas help you see what direction you want to take your life in, now that your relationship is over.

If your self-esteem took a nosedive because of your relationship and break up, read How to Get Your Confidence Back After a Breakup.

Avoid the temptation to think you need a personality makeover

How to Give Yourself a Makeover After a Break Up

After a break up, you may feel like everything about you is wrong. You want to change your clothes, your hair, your skin, your face! But don’t even think about changing the essence of who you are. You are a lovable, smart, creative, capable, beautiful woman who has so much to offer. Don’t fall into the trap of believing you’re not good enough.

A closet and clothes makeover

This would be my number two idea on how to give myself a makeover after a break up! I’d go to Value Village and other thrift stores, and stock up on vintage clothes that resonate with me. I wouldn’t buy new trendy clothes, because as much as I like making myself over…I don’t want to change my personality. I’d buy more hats, funky clothes, and cowboy boots. Shit kickers.

How to Give Yourself a Makeover After a Break UpAn exercise makeover for your body

Whether you choose a high energy kickass Jillian Michaels One Week Shred workout or Shiva Rhea’s calm but strengthening Shiva Rea: Daily Energy – Vinyasa Flow Yoga, you need to shake up your workout routine. I’m more into yoga makeovers than high energy workout makeovers, but you need to choose the type of exercise that suits your personality. Listen to your body. What does it need?

A food makeover for your energy and health

After a break up, you may have fallen into the Hungry Girl trap. Every time there’s a break up on TV or in the movies, women grab a pint of ice cream (a bag of potato chips in my case), and dig in with both hands. It’s time to learn how to give yourself a makeover after a break up by listening to your body and giving yourself the nutrition and energy you need to stay focused, energized, and motivated. The food you eat directly affects how you feel and how much energy you have. What did you eat today, and why? If you’re eating because you’re sad or stressed, you need to make over your food habits.

A hair makeover

Step-by-Step Hairstyles: 85 Salon Looks to Create by Nicky Pope is a comprehensive guide to styling your hair for stunning results, with more than 80 complete looks shown in 500 how-to photographs. Or, cut it all off – if your hair is long and curly, go for a super short summer cut (even if you live in Manitoba, Canada in January). Another option for hair makeovers is a wig! If you’re open to experimenting with wigs, this is probably the easiest, most fun tip on how to give yourself a makeover after a breakup.

An emotional makeover for your mental health

How are you doing? Are you scared, insecure, sad, broken, depressed, or bitter? Check in with your heart, soul, and mind. Take time to figure out what you need emotionally. Maybe you need to talk to a professional counselor about dealing with depression or anxiety after a break up. Maybe you need to spend time reading about healing from past hurts or abuses. Learning how to give yourself a makeover after a break up isn’t just about changing your appearance or image. It’s about getting healthy emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and psychologically.

A life makeover that tackles everything

how to give yourself a makeover after a break up

Weekend Makeover Ideas

Invite your sister or girlfriend over for the weekend, and read The Weekend Makeover: Get a Brand New Life By Monday Morning. After a break up is the perfect opportunity to take time to look at your life. Do you like your job, or do you want to go back to school? Are you happy with the volunteer work you’re doing, or do you need a change? Do you want to travel, get a new hobby, train yourself to run a marathon (exercise makeover!), or reconnect with your family members? Those are wonderful ideas on how to give yourself a makeover after a break up because they’ll help you become a healthier, happier woman.

If you think you can’t give yourself any type of makeover after a break up because you miss your ex so much, read How to Let Go of Someone You Love.

A spiritual makeover for your soul

This is without a doubt my best tip on how to give yourself a makeover after a break up: connect with God. You exist because of Him, and He is waiting to enfold you in His arms. He loves you. He wants the best for you. He knows you’re in pain, he knows You’re suffering after a break up – and He wants to comfort you and bring you peace. After  a breakup, a spiritual makeover is the best gift you could give yourself.

If you’re searching for makeover ideas for a friend or family member, read 10 Gift Ideas for Friends After a Break Up. You’ll find ways to help her see her life differently, which will give her ideas for makeovers after a break up.

What have I missed – what do you think of these tips on how to give yourself a makeover after a break up? I welcome your thoughts below…

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