There is no one best way to get over a breakup; what works for one person doesn’t always work for another. These tips on how to get over a breakup will help you find what works for you.

In How to Let Go of Someone You Love, I remind you that the person you broke up with is part of who you are and where you wanted your life to go. Getting over a breakup isn’t just about healing so you can find someone new to fall in love with – it’s about closing the book on a chapter of your life that meant a great deal to you.

“Once fallen in true love, a person can’t really fall out of it, no matter what. How much ever you try to hate your better half, you’ll end up falling more instead. Some part of him will always reside in your heart.” – Mehek Bassi.

One of the best tips on getting over a breakup and healing a broken heart is to accept that your heart will always be broken for the person you loved and lost. That person, for better or worse, will always be part of you and your past.

How to Get Over a Breakup

I didn’t get married until I was 35, and I survived many breakups before I met Bruce. In fact, he was one of the people I loved and lost. We knew each other for 17 years before we got married, and when we lost touch for four years I thought it was one of the breakups I’d never fully heal from. But we found our way back together, and have been married for almost nine years.

This isn’t to say that getting over a breakup is about hoping you’ll get back together. This isn’t wise or healthy because it closes you off from new possibilities, new relationships, new beginnings.

Rather, I believe the best advice on how to get over a breakup is to accept that this is the best thing for you. The relationship wasn’t meant to be, and you need to embrace the breakup with all your heart, mind, and soul.

Practice acceptance for one hour

Instead of regretting the breakup, grieving the breakup, or beating yourself up over the breakup…try accepting and even being glad about it. Just try this for one hour. Changing how you think about the breakup will help you get over it.

I actually think I lied when I wrote the first sentence of this article: the more I think about it, the more I believe that this is one tip that will help anyone and everyone get over a breakup! I’ve been reading a lot of Byron Katie lately; she writes about the power of our thoughts. We don’t have to believe everything we think. If we think the breakup was the worst thing to happen to us and we’ll never get over it…then voila. We’re stuck in our pain.

If you believe the breakup was meant to be, that it frees you to be happier and healthier than before, that you’ll survive and find someone even more compatible to be with, then it’ll be easier to get over the breakup.

Make a list of benefits of breaking up

Part of practicing acceptance is being grateful for the good things your breakup brings. If I lost my husband, I’d be grateful for extra free time, not having to do dinner dishes (I’d eat popcorn or salad every night!), and not having to compromise on which church to go to. I’d also get a second dog!

how to get over a breakup

how to get over a breakup

How has your life changed for the better since the breakup? I am 100% certain that there have been positive changes because you broke up for a reason. There was something off in your relationship, your life, or your self – and you know it.

This is your chance to accept it. Change how you think about the breakup, and you won’t just get over it – you’ll create a whole new life.

Do you think this might help you get over the breakup? I welcome your thoughts below. I can’t offer advice, but writing may help you move forward and heal.

If you’re scared you’ll never find anyone else, read How to Be Happy Single Even If You’d Rather Be in Love.

“He brought out the worst in me, and was the best thing that ever happened to me.” – Coco J. Ginger.

This article can also be found on my other blog; it’s called Help Getting Over a Breakup.

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4 thoughts on “How to Get Over a Breakup”

  1. Thanks for your comment, Alexandria!

    You suggested a great tip for getting over a breakup: focus on things you’ve always wanted to do but never had time for, like writing, painting, reading, creating, blogging, volunteering — the list is endless.

    Life can open up in a whole new way after a breakup.

  2. Alexandria Ingham

    I had a really hard breakup just before university and thought that it was going to be one that I’d never get over. I think it was acceptance in the end that helped me. I realised that I wasn’t tied down, I could enjoy what I wanted when I wanted and it helped me focus more on my writing during that time (I got more fun writing done then than I have ever since!).

  3. I remember a painful break-up when I was in my 20’s. I thought I would never get over it, but I have. My husband is waaaaayyyy better than that other man would ever have been.