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How to Find the Best Gifts for Boyfriends

These strategies for finding the best gifts for boyfriends will help you choose the perfect gift. Gift ideas, plus how to know what the best gift for him is. I also included a parable to illustrate my tips on how to find the best gift – it’s The Gift of Insults parable.

best gifts for your boyfriendIf your boyfriend likes to eat (who doesn’t?) and needs quick pick me ups, get him Buffalo Bills Beef Jerky 6-Pack Gift Cooler. It’s a zippered cooler with 12 assorted 1.75oz packs of Buffalo Bills Jerky: seven packs of Country Cut Beef Jerky – BBQ, Chipotle, Hickory Pepper, Mesquite, Mild, Spicy, Teriyaki – four packs of Western Cut Beef Jerky – Cajun, Black Pepper, Sweet n’ Spicy, Teriyaki – and one pack of Turkey Jerky. This beef jerky gift basket finds in perfectly with my last “best gifts for boyfriends” idea at the end of this article.

This isn’t a list of the best gifts for all boyfriends, because everyone is different. For instance, my husband would love the beef jerky gift basket, but a vegetarian boyfriend wouldn’t find it appealing at all. Here, I share strategies for buying gifts for men. If you just want a list of possible gifts, read 12 Gift Ideas for Boyfriends.

First, a parable about giving and receiving gifts…

The Gift of Insults – A Parable

Once upon a time, there lived a queen warrior. Though quite old, she still was able to defeat any foe, man or woman. Her reputation extended far and wide throughout the land, and many students gathered to study under her.

One day a strong, aggressive young princess warrior arrived at the village. She was determined to be the first princess warrior to defeat the great queen. Along with her strength, the young princess warrior had an uncanny ability to spot and exploit any weakness in an opponent. She would wait for her opponent to make the first move, thus revealing a weakness, and then would strike with merciless force and lightning speed.

No one had ever won a duel with the young princess warrior. Against the advice of the queen warrior’s concerned students, she gladly accepted the princess’s challenge.

best gifts for men

The Gift of Insults – A Parable

As the two squared off for battle, the young princess hurled insults at the old queen. She threw dirt and spit in her face. For hours, the princess warrior verbally assaulted the old queen with every curse and insult known to mankind. The old queen warrior merely stood, motionless and calm. Finally, the young princess was exhausted himself. She tasted defeat for the first time. She left in shame.

Disappointed not to see the queen warrior in action, the students gathered around her. “How could you endure such an indignity without fighting back?” they asked. “How did you drive her away?”

“Ah,” said the wise old queen warrior. “If someone tries to give you a gift and you do not take it, then the gift remains hers. The princess’ gifts of insults defeated her because I would not play that game.”

5 Ways to Find the Best Gifts for Your Boyfriend

How does the Gift of the Insults parable relate to finding the best gifts for your boyfriend? The deep meaning is that no matter how mean or abusive someone is to you, you don’t have to engage in the nastiness. You don’t have to accept the “gift” they’re trying to give – you can let it all slide right by you.

The deep meaning of the Gift of the Insults parable is that you can always keep the gift if your boyfriend doesn’t want it!

Focus on your boyfriend’s likes – not his personality traits – when you look for the best gifts

Research on gift giving shows that girlfriends tend to choose gifts that are personalized to their boyfriends, but the gifts aren’t as versatile as the boyfriends would like. This happens because girlfriends tend to focus on boyfriends’ personality and other stable traits, rather than buying gifts that are about the boyfriends’ multiple, varying wants and needs. To find the best gifts for boyfriends, you need to focus on what your boyfriend would like to receive at a specific time in his life – not what he is like as a person. If you buy your boyfriend a gift that is too specific, he won’t use it.

For instance, if your boyfriend has had a recent health condition, the best gifts are those that help him recover. An article like 10 Gift Ideas for Back Surgery Recovery would be perfect for boyfriends who are healing from a health problem that is keeping him in bed.

Think about how your boyfriend will use the gift

Consumer research shows that, to find the best gifts for boyfriends, girlfriends need to avoid fancy gifts. Instead, practical gifts (such as the wallet at the top of this article) are more appreciated than fancier gifts (eg, a $500 gold watch). Girlfriends may think the best gifts for boyfriends are expensive, but they’re wrong. Practical gifts are better – especially if you focus on how your boyfriend will use the gift.

If you think the best gift for your boyfriend is more intimacy, read 13 Romantic Gift Ideas for Couples in Love.

Consider what gifts your boyfriend would buy himself

The perfect gift is something he actually wants and maybe even needs. Often, girlfriends think they know how to find the best gifts for boyfriends – but they actually buy a gift that represents what they think their boyfriends should want. Or, they buy their boyfriend gifts that are intended to somehow change their boyfriends’ habits, lifestyles, goals, plans, etc. The best gifts are those that recognize who your boyfriend is and accept him fully.

In 10 Best Gifts for Couples in Long Distance Relationships, I share gifts that help build strong, healthy relationships for couples who don’t live near one another.

Give your boyfriend the best gift of all: an experience

How to Find the Best Gifts for Boyfriends

How to Find the Best Gifts for Boyfriends

What would your boyfriend like to experience more than anything? Some guys want to drive a Ferrari or Lamborghini for a couple of hours; others want to explore the Amazon jungle for a couple of months. While you may not be able to afford an exotic vacation for your boyfriend, you might consider splurging on a weekend getaway for both of you. Pair a weekend away with something from 12 Gifts for People Who Love to Travel, and you’ll have an experience to share with him. This really is one of the best gifts for boyfriends: something to do with you that creates memories.

Highlight an inside joke in your relationship

Have you and your boyfriend had an experience together that was totally disastrous? Maybe you got lost on the way to a funeral, or were caught making out at the office. If you can find a way to poke fun at that experience in a light-hearted way, you’ll have caught the spirit of how to find the best gifts for boyfriends! The idea is to give a present that makes your relationship with your boyfriend deeper in some way. It’s not just about giving stuff, it’s about connecting on a whole new level. That’s why experiences make the best gifts – and so do inside jokes or situations only you and your boyfriend know about.

If February 14 is approaching – or you’re planning a romantic weekend – read What to Buy on Valentine’s Day.

I welcome your thoughts on how to find the best gifts for boyfriends. If you have any gift tips or ideas, please share!

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Finding the best gift for your boyfriend should be enjoyable. Have fun!

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