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How to Heal the Pain of a Broken Heart

These lists of emotional, physical, and practical tips will help heal your broken heart. Whether your breakup is new or old, there’s something here for you.

A couple months ago I put a little disclaimer at the end of every article, saying I can’t offer advice but I encourage you to write about your troubles. Ever since then I’ve been getting so many comments from readers about how good it feels to write about their feelings and experiences. So, please do feel free to share what you’re doing to heal the pain of your broken heart.

Here’s the last sentence of a comment a reader left a couple hours ago: “Thank you all for listening to me, I didn’t mean to go on so long; but I guess you’re right, Laurie, writing helps get it out of me. I’m still in pain and my heart is still broken, but I do feel better expressing how I feel.”

I hear this over and over. Writing, venting, expressing your confusion and emotions can help heal whatever you’re going through – even if it’s the pain of the most tragically broken heart.

It’s important to remember that different strategies work for different people. I’m a practical woman – yet I’m very spiritual. If my marriage fell apart (God forbid), I’d trust God that for some reason it had to unfold this way. Acceptance is the name of my life game. And then I’d move to a whole different city – perhaps even a different country! I’d shake up my life pretty good.

One of the best tips on healing your emotional pain is to look at what’s worked for you in the past. This isn’t your first rodeo, is it? How did you heal last time? What do you think you might have done differently, to heal faster? Who did you lean on?

Learn from the expert on you — which is YOU.

See if you can find anything in these lists that might help…

Emotional ways to heal the pain of a broken heart

  • Get therapy from a psychologist or counselor
  • Put your faith in God – trust that this breakup is meant to be
  • Explore your spirituality
  • Believe the pain of your broken heart WILL heal
  • Journal or write about it
  • Try thought-stopping (even better, get Byron Katie’s I Need Your Love – Is That True?)
  • Accept your pain, and the breakup. Don’t fight it anymore
  • Learn how to detach from someone you love

“A breakup is a blessing from God. It’s just His way of letting you know He saved you from the wrong one.” – Unknown.

Physical ways to heal the pain of a broken heart

  • Pamper your body (read 10 Best Ways to Cope With a Breakup – Pamper Yourself! for ideas)
  • Try alternative therapies, such as aromatherapy or mood-enhancing supplements
  • Exercise – join a rowing team
  • Volunteer as a Big Sister or with hospice patients who are dying
  • Travel
  • Get a dog or cat (dogs are better – they force you to exercise and socialize!)
  • Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Exhale slowly. Know that this, too, will pass.

“If you want to obtain perfect calmness…you should not be bothered by the various images you find in your mind. Let them come, and let them go. Then they will be under control. ” – Shunryu Suzuki.

Practical ways to heal the pain of a broken heart

Healing the Pain of a Broken Heart

How to Heal the Pain of a Broken Heart

  • Move to a different city
  • Change your name
  • Get a different job in a whole different industry – take risks!
  • Challenge your brain – take a language class, get a degree, learn a musical instrument
  • Devote the next 3 months to a worthy cause, such as rescuing abused dogs
  • View your relationship from the outside (this is a great tip for healing the pain of a broken heart, from the Daily Mail’s 10 steps to heal a broken heart)
  • Remember the worst parts of your relationship
  • Make a list of the benefits of not having him in your life (I KNOW you’re free in many different ways now!)
  • Do the work. Get books on overcoming the pain of breaking up, and actually follow the advice you read

Read The Secret to Gaining Confidence After a Breakup.

What have I missed? I know there are many more tips on how to heal the pain of a broken heart. What strategies have you used in the past to heal? Please share below.

“If you get obsessed with something, you’ll become focused on it unless you understand that, in letting it go, you let it go through. Like a cloud passing through the sky.” – Phil Jackson.

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