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10 Gifts for Someone Going Through a Divorce

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When you’re getting divorced, you feel like the wind has been knocked out of you. These gifts for someone going through a divorce will help her regain strength, energy, hope, and faith. Most of them are interactive (you’ll see what I mean as you scroll through), but some are simply relaxing and inspiring.

gifts for woman going through a divorceThe French Lilacs Ceramic Travel Mug is the first on my list of gifts for someone going through a divorce because of the “escape” theme. Getting divorced is a long, painful process, and your loved one is probably dreaming of escaping to somewhere like Paris, Tahiti, or Australia! Give her a beautiful multicolored ceramic travel mug – the one pictured comes with a lovely matching gift box that can be re-used. The design is a work of art.

Below are nine more gift ideas for people getting divorced. If you’re shopping for a woman who is approaching the age of forty, read 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her – Creative and Thoughtful. Give her gifts that pamper and inspire, comfort and encourage.

Gifts for Someone Going Through a Divorce

The best gift ideas for someone getting divorced depends on their personality, lifestyle, and even her health. But no matter how old she is or where she lives, she needs to be pampered with beauty, music, support, and messages of faith, love, hope, trust, and peace.

A beautiful hand-painted handbag

gift ideas for someone going through a divorceAn Anuschka Ocean Treasures Satchel is my favorite gift for any woman – even ones who don’t carry handbags all the time. Most women have several types of purses, handbags, and satchels in their closet. After a divorce, they may not have the disposable income they need to buy pretty new things like the Ocean Treasures purse by Anuschka.

I always include these gorgeous hand painted purses on my gift lists because they are both works of art and practical items that she can use every day – or for special occasions. Women need to surround themselves with gifts of beauty and vibrant colors while going through a divorce.

Aromatherapy gifts for someone getting divorced

gifts for someone going through a divorceThe Essential Oil Sampler Gift Set includes several beautiful scents with soothing names such as Breathe Easier, Good Night, Hope, Relaxation, Stress Relief and Sunshine Spice. The scents are eucalyptus, lavender, lemongrass, orange, peppermint, and tea tree. Each oil in this sampler set is GC/MS tested to ensure 100% certified pure therapeutic grade quality.

Essential oils and aromatherapy is my first gift for someone going through a divorce because natural scents increase oxygen flow to the brain, which improves energy, immune function, attitude and positive emotions.

A gift certificate for massage therapy or acupuncture sessions

Massage and acupuncture sessions are healthy ways to relax the body and soothe the soul. And, these therapies do more than alleviate sore muscles. Emotional struggles, such as depression and anxiety, can be reduced by massage because it reduces the amount of cortisol in the system and promotes an overall sense of well-being. Both massage and acupuncture elimination of waste products, improves flow of nutrients to body tissues, and increases circulation to all parts of the body.

Are these gifts for someone going through a divorce too tame? Read 8 Gift Ideas for a Friend Getting Divorced – it starts with an “Ex” Skewer for shish kebobs.

A tool kit for “handy” women

tool gift set for women going through divorceThe 135-Piece Apollo Precision Pink Household Tool Kit is an ideal gift for women going through a divorce who have their own homes to maintain. Even if the’re renting an apartment, they’ll need to occasionally get under the sink to tighten a pipe or crawl up towards the ceiling to hammer a nail!

A handy all-in-one tool kit ensures she has all she needs to take care of her home after the divorce. A lovely related gift idea would be to start a project with her that uses this tool kit. Build a bookcase, take off the old wallpaper, put up a complicated collage of paintings. Break in the tool kit with her.

A hand-painted kimono

kimono gift for woman going through a divorceThe Old Shanghai Women’s Silk Kimono Short Robe – Cherry Blossom Black is another one of my favorite gifts for someone going through a divorce, because it’s both creative and practical. Can you tell I’m an artist with a solid practical streak? This kimono features hand-painted artwork on both front and back. It’s silk with a soft sash tie closure, belt loops and inside ties. The inside seam finish is French, and it’s exclusive to the Old Shanghai Collection. Each silk kimono by this company is created by a master artisan. It takes more than seven days to complete the intricate details decorating both front and back of the kimono. It’s elegant and luxurious, and will make any woman getting divorced feel like she’s a work of art.

The purpose behind every gift on this list is to support and help someone going through a divorce. The gift ideas that are most helpful are both practical and whimsical, because women who are getting divorced need to be pampered and encouraged.

A home spa experience that lasts all year long

gifts for women going through a divorceThe Art of Appreciation Lavender Renewal Spa Bath and Body Gift Set is a gift for someone going through a divorce that soothes the body and soul. It includes a four-piece Skin Reviving Set, Sisal Hand Mitt, Sisal Bath Sponge, Flower Shaped Nylon Mesh Pouf and a Hand Held Wooden Massager.

After the healing bath, your loved one will enjoy the l luxurious Lavender Scented Body Lotion, Cleansing Bath Gel, Exfoliating Body Scrub, Refreshing Body Spray, Rich Body Butter, Soothing Bath Crystals, Rose Petal Soaps, a Relaxing Lavender Scented Aromatherapy Candle and Fresh and Fragrant Lavender Potpourri.

Healthy, healing snack foods

gift basket for woman getting divorcedThe Golden State Fruit Classic Deluxe Fruit Basket is a wonderful way to encourage her to eat several small, healthy snacks throughout the day. It consists of a variety of orchard favorite fruits such as pears, apples, mango, oranges and mandarins. It also includes two delicious cheeses – a creamy jack and natural cheddar – as well as premium roasted and salted almonds and olive oil sea salt crackers. And of course there’s chocolate! A four piece gift box of decadent chocolate covered sea salt caramels. The whole thing is presented in a keepsake woven basket with a liner and tied with a bow.

Eating nutritious meals is the last thing on a woman’s mind when she’s going through a divorce. She’ll either be overeating or undereating – but she probably isn’t eating healthy. She’s probably not preparing well-balanced meals because she may not have the energy, motivation, or time to cook.

Art and creativity – a priceless gift for someone going through a divorce

gift idea for someone going through a divorceThe Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Patterns is one of the most whimsical, cheerful, and supportive gifts for someone going through a divorce on this list.

Why? Because coloring and painting – and other types of art such as arranging photographs, sculpting, drawing – strengthens your sense of self and contributes to feelings of normalcy. Plus, it’s relaxing to focus on being creative – and it’ll help your loved one cope with the divorce by distracting her. Creativity increases serotonin levels and reduces stress; it also improves blood pressure and heart rate. Anything artistic can help her create a new identity and even learn how to cope with a divorce.

An inspirational print for her wall

divorce gift ideasThis Inspirational and Motivational Wall Poster is a wonderful gift for someone getting divorced because it offers hope, beauty, love, and encouragement.

This print hangs on a wall easily via the hook on the back, and says “Dance although no one is watching you, Love as though you have never been hurt, Sing as though no one can hear you, Live as though heaven is on earth.” It’s light weight, but high quality high end birch plywood. It’s a clean, simple sign that will fit in with any decor.

If you’re shopping for gifts for a sister going through a divorce, read Gift Ideas for Your Sister – Nifty and Thrifty.

What have I missed in this list of gift ideas? I gathered a variety of beautiful and practical gifts for women getting divorced, to inspire and encourage her. Did any gift resonate with you? I welcome your thoughts below.


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