How to Show You Care – 5 Fun, Light-Hearted Expressions of Love

Showing someone you care doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult – and it doesn’t have to be serious! These expressions of love range from writing bad poetry to kidnapping your sweetie for the weekend…

“I man-napped my guy for his birthday,” says personal strategist Charly Emery, author of Thank Goodness You Dumped His A$$: Use Those Mr. Wrongs to Lead You Straight to Mr. Right. “I found a steal of a deal online, packed all his clothes and some wine, arranged for him to clear his schedule, and we took off. We didn’t go far from home, but I kept the location a surprise. He was so excited, and now tells everyone it was his the best birthday. Packing his clothes for him and having everything ready was what he loved best.”

What fun…and so simple! Another great idea is a bouquet of balloons – one of my boyfriends once sent a bouquet to my workplace, and it was so much fun. Simple, romantic, and cheerful.

5 Light-Hearted Ways to Show You Care

There are so many ways to have fun loving your partner, especially if you stop worrying about how you look, sound, or feel!

Write a poem – a really bad one

Don’t worry about rhyming your poems or saying it perfectly. Here’s a love poem – it’s not perfect nor is it Shakespeare, but it’s straight from the heart:

Just another way to show you how you make my life complete…

You complete my heart!

You and me will always stick together!

Here is a little picture of me and you, so in love.

I am the cow ‘cause I eat everything

And you are the little piggy ‘cause you fart a lot, heeheehee.
I know this picture is not the cutest in the world

but I think it represents our relationship.

Somehow when we hug our bodies re-create that symbol of a heart

because we are the perfect match for each other.


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This love poem is sincere, funny, and full of personality. If you’re writing a poem or love letter, don’t get hung up in the rhymes or stanzas or poetic language. Instead, find a picture, cartoon, or image that represents how much you care about your partner. Write what you think and how you feel about your relationship.

Create a “his”, “hers”, and “ours” Bucket List

The Bucket List was a 2007 comedy-drama directed by Rob Reiner, starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. The main plot follows two terminally ill men (portrayed by Nicholson and Freeman) on their road trip with a wish list of things to do before they “kick the bucket.” You don’t have to be terminally ill to think about what you want to do before you die!

Sit down with your sweetie, and start your bucket list. Some activities could be just for you, some just for him, and some that you want to do together.

Is your partner celebrating a birthday? Read Best Birthday Gifts to Say I Love You – Not Flowers or Diamonds.

Show how much you care with an interpretative dance

If you’re comfortable “shakin’ your booty” in front of your partner, consider doing an interpretive dance! Its purpose is to translate feelings and emotions, situations, or fantasies into movement. You don’t have to be a trained dancer to share your thoughts and feelings – you just need to let your mind, emotions, and body be free to connect.

You can ham it up with old songs, and include a dance partner who has been pivotal in your relationship (eg, a child, best friend, or family member). You can pull your partner into your dance, or let them stay in the “audience.” You can perform at an anniversary or birthday dinner, or alone in your bedroom. Don’t worry about being perfect or looking attractive; focus on showing how much you care.

If you’ve neglected your partner for years, then you may want to consider more serious expressions of love. For tips, read 6 Tips on How to Make a Relationship Last.

Take an improv or comedy class together – or just get tickets

The spotlight isn’t my favorite place to be, so an improv or stand-up comedy class wouldn’t be my first choice. But, some people love joking and being funny in front of others! If you think your partner would like it, sign up for a comedy or improv class. You can take it together, or you can send your partner for solo lessons.

Or, get tickets to a live show: the improv in Vancouver is so funny that by the end of the first act, my face hurts from laughing. Don’t worry about finding the best show in town – just get out there and do something! My husband and I went to a Black Light Show in Prague. It wasn’t a great performance, but our memory of it is priceless. I like to talk about experiences like that with him, because it reminds us how much we care about each other.

Show you care the “write” way

Clark Hays and Kathleen McFall, authors of The Cowboy and the Vampire: A Darkly Romantic Mystery, only give each other books or creative gifts they make themselves. “Usually, our gifts are stories we write,” she says. “They can be long, short (even just a paragraph), poetic, funny or a parody.”

This couple doesn’t just write stories for each other, they write with each other. “Sometimes we pick a topic, like the weird woman pumping gas in French Glen, Oregon,” says Hays. “We’ll each write 500 words privately, then come back and read them to each other. It is always amazing, and often hilarious, to find out what we each chose to write about.” This is another great way to get to know each other better!

For more tips, read 80 Ways to Say “I Love You.”

What do you think – what’s the best way to show you care for someone? Comments welcome below…

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