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5 Surprising Things That Affect Falling in Love

Sometimes finding true love – a soulmate – is about fate. And, sometimes finding true love is about our innate romantic preferences or chemistry. These five tips for love relationships are based on scientific research that shows why we fall in love and who we fall in love with…

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” ~ Mignon McLaughlin. So, even if you find your soulmate, you’ll find yourself falling in and out of love, over and over again…even true love has its ups and downs! If you haven’t found your true love,

Here are five tips for finding true love and happiness that may surprise you…

Females have clear preferences for certain male body odors

Women are more sensitive to the smell of pheromones than men. For evolutionary reasons, both men and women have learned to be attracted to lovers with different immune systems than our own. “A complicating factor is that women on the birth control pill prefer men with similar [immune system odors],” writes Dr Pierce J. Howard in The Owner’s Manual of the Brain. “So, when a woman who is on the pill unwittingly falls in love with a partner with the same [immune system odors], marries, then goes off the pill when conception no longer needs to be avoided, she will wonder how she got attracted to the smelly partner beside her.”

Our image of the “perfect match” is established by age 10

Galdino Pranzarone is a psychologist in Virginia who believes that our image of a ideal romantic partner may be set before we turn ten years old. According to him, finding true love depends on influences that affect us before our teenage years!

There are no love potions or aphrodisiacs that make people fall in love

Other than prescription medication, there are no love potions or aphrodisiacs in foods or herbs, says Dr Pranzorone. An aphrodisiac is supposed to trigger intimate activity, but Dr Pranzorone says that any libido-enhancing effects of natural herbs or foods may just be a placebo effect.

Men prefer beautiful women

To learn about romance, chemistry, and why people fall in love, scientists lead by David Buss polled over 10,000 men and women in 33 countries. They found that men prefer women who were physically beautiful and youthful, over women with high financial earning potentials. Why we fall in love – the science of the soulmate – is influenced by factors that may not be politically correct.

Women prefer men who earn good money

The same anthropologists and sociologists in the above study found that women are attracted to men who have a good earning capacity. When looking for true love, women prefer security and ambition over physical attractiveness.

Both men and women are attracted to physical symmetry

Our romantic built-in preferences are about include physical symmetry. Symmetry is associated with beauty; and, there are several evolutionary advantages to physical symmetry. Research shows that men with physical symmetry have more sperm, more partners, and more extramarital affairs. Women with physical symmetry enjoy themselves more in the bedroom. Both men and women with physical symmetry have stronger immune systems. Finding true love (and a great romantic relationship) is connected to the symmetry of our bodies.

If you think finding the true love is all about fate, you may want to think twice! Your romantic built-in preferences may guide your love relationship more than you think.

How to Have Both Love and Money is a good article to read if you’ve had financial problems in relationships.

If you have any thoughts on these tips for finding true love, please comment below…I can’t give advice, but I welcome your input!


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4 thoughts on “5 Surprising Things That Affect Falling in Love”

  1. I have been with my man for over 7 years. We live 2 hours away and it is hard to get time to be together. Our relationship may not sound ideal but the most amazing thing happened when I first kissed him – a rush of energy emerged from within (starting around my solar plexus); the energy rose like a geyser and shot out of the top of my head. That was the first and only time I ever experienced that sensation. That kiss sent me on a personal spiritual quest while I searched to understand what happened to me and why our relationship is the way it is. He is my true love – no doubt about it – but it has been extremely hard and I am often on the fence about whether to give up, but my spiritual self will have nothing to do with leaving him. My point is – I agree that there may be practical reasons why I find him attractive, but there is something else going on between us that is beyond what any psychologist or sociologist can explain. For once I would love to hear **why** that energy geyser chose to shoot out my head at the exact moment when we kissed. The only explanation I got from psychics was that I knew him in a past life, but I think that is crap because I don’t believe in past lives. I knew nothing of the existence of such energy until I met and kissed him, and I knew nothing of chakras too (though now I know that they exist). For me, that geyser was it – it was the signal, the sign from my soul that he was ‘the one’. When someone can finally explain where that geyser came from and why, then I will know what whether I can ever leave him.

  2. Perhaps,love is a strong feeling in mind and enter unknownly.It is also a sudden affection in the body of a partner where some can ,hold it up to, or looking at an extent partner understand.
    Love is way of cheating by some girls or boys during the love period and or after,love is finally dangerous be careful!