Creative Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be boring dinner and bouquet of flowers! Here are a five creative ways to spend Valentine’s Day.

Creativity almost always involves an element of surprise. Think of the last time you saw a creative cake, book, or blog – it surprised you, didin’t it? If you want to be really creative on Valentine’s Day, you need to surprise your partner – and yourself!

“There is no surprise more magical than the surprise of being loved: It is God’s finger on man’s shoulder.” – Charles Morgan.

This Valentine’s Day, combine the elements of surprise and love.

Valentine’s Day…The Creative Way…

Start by thinking about what sets your relationship apart. The problem with searching the internet for “creative ways to spend Valentine’s Day” is that every relationship is different. What is creative for me and Bruce may not be creative for you and your partner. True creativity involves originality, and has to arise from your own soul, spirit, and love. So, you won’t find any easy answers for creativity on Valentine’s Day on the web, because the answers are in you. (Can you tell I’m a counselor?)

Put your own twist on ideas for Valentine’s Day. On my article about marriage proposals, a reader shared a link to a website that coordinates romantic proposals in Paris, France. This is a very expensive proposition, and I would never suggest we need to spend thousands of dollars on a marriage proposal! But, you can take that idea and put your own creative twist on it for Valentine’s Day. If you’re planning a proposal, take him or her to a French exhibit at a museum instead of to the actual city of Paris, France.

Recreate the first time you met. My husband and I met at ChiChi’s Mexican Restaurant – he was a bartender, and I was a waitress. It wasn’t the most romantic meeting in the world (I needed a pitcher of margaritas pronto please and thank you very much!), but I’ll never forget it because it was our first meeting. I wouldn’t necessarily want to relive that experience, but I love talking about it. A creative way to spend Valentine’s Day for us could be to cook a Mexican meal together…or book a Mexican vacation for Valentine’s Day!

Valentines Day creativitiyPaint a wall in your house. Painting is one of my most creative ways to spend Valentine’s Day! You don’t have to be an artist to express your love with a can or tube of paint. If you have an unfinished wall in the garage or basement, make a stencil and spray paint a message of love for your sweetheart. If you have kids, they can help you create a wall mural of your family – it can be an expression of who you are as a family.

Create a local or far-away adventure. One of the best ways to bond as a couple and celebrate your love is to do something wild and unusual together. You don’t have to go on an African safari (though I think that would be an awesomely creative way to spend Valentine’s Day!). Instead, be a tourist in your own city. Where have you and your partner not explored? In Vancouver, we have fascinating areas of the city (eg, Chinatown, downtown Eastside, Little Italy, etc), lots of mainstream tourist sights, lots of out-of-town getaways, and lots of beautiful hikes and seawall walks. Where do you live – is there something you haven’t explored as a couple? Going on an unknown “vacation” is an experience that can make your Valentine’s Day creative and memorable.

What do you think? I think there are lots of possibilities for creative ways to spend Valentine’s Day. To find what floats your boat, you need to take a general one (eg, be a tourist in your own city) and put your own unique, special spin on it. It takes some effort and energy to be creative in your love life…but it’s worth it.

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