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Healthy Gifts for Couples on Valentine’s Day

From energy bracelets to aromatherapy gift baskets for romantic evenings, these healthy gift ideas for couples on Valentines’ Day will increase the mind-body connection between you and your partner. I love these ideas because they’re healthy, energizing, and romantic.

healthy valentines day gift idea for couplesThe 6 Months of Chocolate-Covered Strawberries isn’t the healthiest Valentine’s Day gift for couples, but it is the sweetest! Why should February 14 be THE day to show your love and grow closer together as a couple?

The 6 months of chocolate strawberries is a romantic gift for couples who want the love and romance of Valentine’s Day to last beyond this one day of the year. If you know chocolate is the gift you really want to give on February 14, read 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Women Who Love Chocolate. It’s decadent, dark, and delicious.

These healthy gifts for couples on Valentine’s Day are designed to increase the mind-body connection you already have with your partner…

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Couples

These healthy Valentine’s Day gift ideas are for couples who want to explore their mind-body connection in a whole new way.

Healthy Gifts for Couples on Valentine’s DayThe Beautiful Hematite Crystal Magnetic Bracelet for Women uses magnets for energy, and to improve health and well-being. The bracelet also flashes pink, purple, blue, green, and gold – depending on the light. Energy bracelets are purported to improve blood circulation, ease pain, and enhance well-being. Magnet therapy can be used in bed to improve your relationship, or used individually to improve health and wellness. His-and-her energy bracelets is a healthy and unique gift idea for couples on Valentine’s Day idea.

“Some healers recommend using magnets to balance your energy individually and in your relationship, because magnets expand on the principle of energy exchange,” writes Dr Judy Kuriansky in The Complete Idiot’s Guide to a Healthy Relationship. “Because differing sleep positions and timing can interfere with harmony, magnets placed in pillows and bed pad supposedly balance a couple’s sleep patterns, creating more compatibility.”

Reflexology (foot massage)

Your feet have over 7,000 nerve endings that are interconnected through the spinal cord and brain to all areas of the body – and these connections are the reasons for the incredible health benefits of foot massage. Certain areas of your feet are directly connected to your internal organs, and when they’re massage they release “feel good” hormones. Increase your mind-body connection this Valentine’s Day by learning different foot massage techniques.

Aromatherapy – a healthy gift for couples on Valentine’s Day

aromatherapy valentines day gift for couplesThe Romantic Nights Gift Basket for Couples is a sensual way to incorporate the healthy gift of aromatherapy into your life as a couple.

“Scent is an important way to spice up your love life,” says Dr Judy Kuriansky, author ofThe Complete Idiot’s Guide to Tantric Sex. “Aromatherapy applies this principle by using scented oils to stimulate the brain in ways that sharpen the senses and trigger emotional states, from relaxation to arousal.” Aromatherapy mixtures include relaxation (lavender, orange, chamomile), stimulation (rosemary, basil, cardamom, black pepper), and sensuality (ylang-ylang, rose, jasmine sandalwood, patchouli). A creative idea for Valentine’s Day is to apply aromatherapy oil to your sheets or clothing, or have an aromatherapy bath together.

Meditation for couples on Valentine’s Day

Here’s another romantic, creative idea for Valentine’s Day: The Lovers’ Spooning Meditation. Lie in a spoon position, with your back nestled into your partner’s chest. You partner wraps his arms around your chest and rests his hands on your heart. Put your hands over his, and focus on breathing in and out at the same time. Lie still, and be silent. Focus on your breathing as much as possible, and when images, thoughts, fears, worries, or memories intrude, just let them go and redirect your thoughts back to your synchronized breathing. You might even decide on a phrase to meditate on, such as “Our love is strong and courageous” or “Together, we can do anything.” This can open your heart and mind.

For more ideas, read Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Women Who Have Everything.

Couples’ yoga

My husband and I do yoga, Pilates, and Wii sports together at least three times a week. I love working out with him – it’s not just motivating, it’s fun and interesting! And, it’s one of those healthy ways to build a stronger mind-body connection. Some research says that couples who exercise together — whether it’s jogging, swimming, dancing, or walking — have fewer problems than partners in relationship who exercise alone.

Massage for couples

valentines day gifts for couples massageErotic Massage for Couples: Head to Toe Techniques to Arouse and Gratify Your Partner offers everything from homemade massage oils that are all-natural to a guide to the points of greatest pleasure. Couples massage is one of the most traditional and romantic Valentine’s Day ideas, and it can be the healthiest gift for a couple. If done right – not just as a prelude to sex – it’s a great way to increase your mind-body connection.

To massage each other the “right” way, have an intimate discussion after your massage. Talk about your fears, hopes, dreams, pleasures, pet peeves, goals. Tell your partner something you’ve never told him before, and ask him to do the same.

These healthy Valentine’s Day gifts for couples will help increase the mind-body connection you have with your sweetheart. The more united your minds and bodies are, the stronger your relationship will be. Being close in mind and body makes you more likely to want to please each other – and not just in bed!

This Valentine’s Day, make your love a priority by going beyond expensive dinners in restaurants, frilly boxes of Valentine’s Day chocolates, or bouquets of roses. Instead, think about really connecting with your partner, both physically and emotionally.

If you struggle with ways to express your love – Valentine’s Day or not – read 80 Ways to Say “I Love You.”

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