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12 Holiday Gift Ideas for Boyfriends – From Hockey to Music

These Christmas holiday gift ideas for your boyfriend range from hockey gifts to music gifts – and start with one of the best holiday gifts you could give a guy you love. I also included a link to holiday gift ideas for your boyfriend’s parents, because they aren’t easy to buy for.

Holiday Gifts for Boyfriends

Holiday Gift Ideas for Boyfriends

The Wood Men’s Two-Tone Watch With Date and Time (pictured) is one of the best holiday gifts for boyfriends – it’s a gorgeous watch that he can wear to work or in social settings. A watch is one of those classy gifts that can’t go wrong, because most people wear watches.

If you’ve already decided to buy your boyfriend a watch for Christmas, it’s time to read 10 Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend’s Parents.

“It’s the thoughtful little details that create the biggest surprises,” says Frankie Picasso, author of Midlife Mojo: How to Get Through the Midlife Crisis and Emerge as Your True Self. “For instance, finding a cherished childhood toy that was lost or never received in an antique store, or asking an artist to paint a portrait of a beloved pet. I asked a woodcarver to make me a totem pole that I designed for my husband. The pole contained a grizzly bear and his beloved guitar – his favorite things.”

12 Christmas Holiday Gift Ideas for Boyfriends

I don’t know about your boyfriend, but my husband really likes getting tools and practical household items for Christmas. One of the best holiday gifts for him was a mini portable vacuum cleaner for our car. When you’re searching for holiday gift ideas for boyfriends, you have to think like a man! These gift ideas may not seem romantic to you, but they will light a fire in his heart…

Give your boyfriend a warm, sexy bathrobe for Christmas

bathrobe Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriends

Holiday Gift Ideas for Boyfriends

The Del Rossa Men’s Cotton Sweatshirt Style Hooded Bathrobe Robe is a soft and comfortable holiday gift idea for men – even if they live in California or Hawaii! Well, maybe it’s a bit too warm and cosy for those exotically warm places. The beauty of this type of holiday gift for your boyfriend is that you can snuggle up in it when he’s not wearing it. If you don’t live with your boyfriend, it can live at your place.

Power tool gift ideas for your boyfriend

The most creative Christmas gift ideas for boyfriends come from your heart….or from your realization that your boyfriend loves power tools. For instance, the Electric Blower/Vacuum is the most gifted item on Amazon.com right now, because it’s perfect for fall and spring yard cleanup sessions. And because men love their tools.

And, here are creative holiday gift ideas that don’t involve power tools…

Hockey gift ideas for boyfriends at Christmas

Hockey Holiday Gift Ideas for Boyfriends

Hockey Gift Idea for Boyfriend at Christmas

What NHL team is your boyfriend a fan of — or even football or baseball? A hockey jersey, such as the Chicago Blackhawks Premier Home Jersey is an awesome gift idea if your boyfriend loves hockey. Or any sport, for that matter.

Fun holiday foods that men love to eat – like baconnaise

I’m buying my husband Baconnaise for Christmas, even though he’d probably rather get a power tool — but he has every tool known to man! Foods can be creative holiday gifts even for men who don’t cook, including pickle popsicles, snake wine, Astronaut ice cream, chocolate covered grasshoppers or ants, curry-flavor buffalo dung beetles, or edible crickets. If your boyfriend loves chocolate, you can find gorgeous gourmet chocolate figurines and specialty items (eg, chessboards, teddy bears, fruit, books, etc). For more ideas, search the internet for online retailers of exotic food products.

Another Christmas gift idea for boyfriends is to order a case of “homemade” beer or wine from a store that does all the mixing and brewing for you.

Plan a Christmas Day treasure hunt as a gift you can do together

When was the last time your partner searched for lost gems or a buried treasure chest? A Christmas Day treasure hunt can be inside the house, yard, park, neighborhood, city – or even a neighboring town or city. Prepare clues that lead your boyfriend from one place to another. You can have as many as 15 clues, or as few as three. The last clue could lead to your bedroom, a candlelit bathtub full of bubbles, or a hotel room you’ve booked. Prepare the “treasure chest” with candles, music, roses, chocolate, and a Bedroom Fun Bag (see 5 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life for details).

Surprise your boyfriend with a weekend getaway

leather overnight bag boyfriend holiday gift ideas

Leather Overnight Bag – Holiday Gift Idea for Your Boyfriend

The Cenzo Duffle Vecchio Brown Italian Leather Weekender Travel Bag is a gorgeous overnight bag – and it means you wouldn’t have to travel far to show your love for your boyfriend! The bag itself is a perfect reminder of your weekend together. If he’s really into hockey or other sports, you could even consider an NHL overnight bag that is made with leather and embossed with your boyfriend’s favorite team’s logo. This is an expensive Christmas holiday gift idea for boyfriends, though.

Invest in an experience – one of the best Christmas holiday gift ideas for boyfriends

Finding the best holiday gift idea for your boyfriend is less important than doing something together. Experiences make people happier than material possessions because experiences are open to positive reinterpretations. They become a meaningful part of your identity as a couple. “For example, if you go on a hiking trip and the weather is terrible, you might not view it as a pleasurable experience in the here and now,” says Cornell University assistant psychology professor Leaf Van Boven. “Instead, you may view it as a challenge, and over time remember the positive aspects of the experience more than the negative aspects. With material things you can’t do this, because they are what they are.” Even negative experiences can help create a romantic love relationship because you’re building memories that you’ll reminisce and laugh about later.

If your boyfriend has trouble sleeping, read 10 Gifts for Insomniacs and People Who Can’t Sleep.

Premium smart phone charger – a practical holiday gift idea for your boyfriend

smartphone christmas gift for boyfriend

Smart Phone Holiday Gift Idea for Boyfriend

The Jackery® Giant Premium Portable Charger Aluminum Power Pack and External Battery Bank with Dual USB Port is an awesome gift idea for boyfriends because they can never have too many phone chargers! One for work, one for home, one for your place, even one for his parent’s place. Chargers are never around when you need them – you can never have too many portable electronic chargers.

Upgrade his software, photography, or computer tools

How about more memory for the tech gadgets he has, or an upgrade to a piece of electronic equipment, such as an iPod or Kindle? “My husband was going on a long cross-state bike ride, and was weighed down with all the chargers for the little devices that are somehow necessary,” says Alex Sharp, Suite101 Audiobooks/Ebooks Feature Writer. “So I researched and found a solar charger (such as a backup rechargeable charger for iPods, iPhones, BlackBerry’s, Kindles) that would work for multiple devices. He had less stuff to carry, less imposition of having to find outlets, and less stuff to clutter our lives.”

Give your boyfriend the gift of time

What does your boyfriend least like to do? It may not be the most creative holiday gift for him, but taking over his boring household chores or responsibilities for a month might make his year! One of my friends irons all her family’s clothes, bedding, and miscellaneous – and she does not love that chore! Her husband would score big brownie points if he took over the ironing for a month.

A creative holiday gift idea is to hire someone to do the housework or take care of other chores, such as detailing the car, weeding the garden, painting the fence, or chauffeuring the kids to hockey practice.

For more holiday gift ideas for boyfriends and other people in your life, read Your Complete Holiday Gift Guide.

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  1. My best advice is to spend the time together. You will surely have the best memory ever to remember and recall for the rest of your life. For tangible gifts, you should consider something more meaningful – may be gadgets.

  2. What about giving him a set of power tolls if he is a carpenter or electrician or as a matter of fact related to construction industry.

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