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4 Ways to Create Love and Peace in an Unhappy Marriage

These tips on how to find love in an unhappy marriage are inspired by a reader’s comment. She and her husband are unhappily married, and she doesn’t want to tell her family or friends. Here’s part of her comment: “My husband and I have been together for 2 years and we have an eight month old […]

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How to Give Yourself a Makeover After a Break Up

9 Makeover Ideas for After a Breakup

One of the best ways to heal after a break up is to give yourself a makeover. These tips aren’t just for beauty makeovers, because learning how to give yourself a makeover after a break up isn’t just about changing your appearance. This break up is your chance to re-evaluate your life, and what you […]

How to Get Your Ex Back

When you’re sorting through the best tips on how to get your ex back, what do you try first? Here are the most important things to remember about getting back together after a breakup. If you believe getting your ex back isn’t as simple as an apology, read How To Get Your Ex Back – […]

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Should You Give Up on Your Relationship?

Sometimes giving up on your relationship is the best thing you can do. Here’s how to know when to give up on a relationship instead of trying to make it work – these tips are inspired by a reader who asked for help deciding if she should stay or go. Deal Breakers: When to Work […]

How to Convince Someone to Give You a Second Chance

The bad news is that you broke up, but the good news is that many breakups aren’t permanent. Here are seven tips that will help you convince someone to give you a second chance. These tips for reconciling with your ex are inspired by a reader’s email.  “I would do anything to get her back, anything,” says […]

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Broken Love – When Your Prince Turns Into a FrogBroken Love – When Your Prince Turns Into a Frog

Broken Love – When Your Prince Turns Into a Frog

What do you do when your relationship is the most disappointing part of your life? You’re not alone if you’re facing a broken relationship – you fell in love with a prince, and after years of marriage he turned into a frog. For Women Only: What You Need to Know about the Inner Lives of […]

5 Things to Think About Before You Reconcile With Your Ex

It may be tempting to get back together, but reconciliation may not be good for you. Here’s what to consider before you reconcile with your ex. Getting Back Together: How To Reconcile With Your Partner – And Make It Last by Bettie B. Youngs, Suzy Farbman, and Masa Goetz is a solid, comprehensive guide that will help your […]

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Forgiving a Cheating Spouse and Rebuilding Your Marriage

If your spouse cheated, you can forgive – but how? Since forgiveness is easier said than done, you’ll need help forgiving and rebuilding your marriage. One of my faithful Blossom readers offered several tips on forgiveness in marriage, which I’m sharing in this article. Here’s the first one: “If you decided to stay married, you have agreed to forgive […]

How to Get Your Girlfriend Back After Cheating on Her

Can you fix your relationship after cheating on her? It depends. These tips on how to get your girlfriend back after cheating begin with not chasing after her. “You’ll just chase her further away,” says Linda Nilson, author of How to Keep Your Woman – And Keep Her the Way You Love Her. “The more […]

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How to Get Her Back – 3 Steps to Making Up After a Bad Breakup

Want to get her back after a bad breakup? These tips for making up with your ex are from the author of a book about keeping your woman happy. It is possible to get her back – depending on the steps you take! “No use yanking your chain,” says Linda Nilson, author of How to Keep Your […]

5 Reasons to Make Up After Breaking Up

One of the biggest questions a couple has after breaking up is, “Should I get back together with my ex?” These five quick reasons to make up after a break up will help you decide what’s right for you. “When love is lost, do not bow your head in sadness; instead keep your head up […]

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Ways to Solve Problems in Your Relationship

6 Ways to Solve Problems in Your Relationship

Solving problems in your relationship depends on the type of problems you’re having and how willing you both are to working them out. These tips for reconnecting with your spouse or partner can help you repair your relationship quickly and easily — but you have to remember that building a happy, healthy love relationship takes time, […]