How to Lend Your Boyfriend Money

How to Lend Your Boyfriend Money Without Regretting It

Here’s what you need to know before you lend your boyfriend money. Financial loans are one way to show your love and support – but you need to protect yourself! Typically, I’d say it’s never a good idea to lend a boyfriend money. But sometimes you just can’t or don’t want to say no.

alone and married

6 Ways to Cope With a Lonely Marriage

You’re married, yet you feel alone and lonely. You thought marriage would involve companionship and connection; instead, you’re living with loneliness and isolation. Feeling alone in a marriage isn’t one of the topics covered in the premarital counseling classes I took – but it should have been! I’ve been married for 15 years, and am still learning that being lonely is sometimes part of marriage.

phases of love

How Love Changes Over Time: The 3 Phases of Romance

It’s normal and even healthy for relationships to change over time. Love goes through stages, growing and maturing and changing as you do. These three “stages of love” will help you see how love evolves over time, and give you insight into your own relationship.

When Your Wife Won’t Talk to You

7 Ways to Respond When Your Wife Won’t Talk to You

You love your wife, but she refuses to communicate. You don’t regret marrying her, but her silence is breaking your heart and destroying your spirit. How do you cope with a wife who won’t talk to you? These tips won’t magically save your marriage, but they will help you see your relationship in a different light.

trapped in marriage no money

Do You Feel Trapped in Your Marriage Because of Money?

How do you leave when you have no money? Maybe you’re trapped in marriage because of money or you feel financially stuck in a relationship. These tips and ideas won’t miraculously unlock the door to freedom, but they might help you think differently about how much money you need.

What to Talk About on a First Date With a Coworker

10 Things to Talk About on a First Date With a Coworker

Dating a coworker can be awkward; you know him but you don’t know him. These first date conversation starters for coworkers will decrease your anxiety and increase your confidence. They’re geared towards couples who know each other through work, but haven’t spent much time together outside off the job.

still love my ex

Should You Tell Your Ex You Still Love Him?

Before you impulsively blurt the words “I still love you!” to your ex, consider these signs that getting back together is actually a good idea. I included four reasons you should not tell your ex-boyfriend or ex-husband you’re still in love with him, and three reasons you should tell him the truth about how you feel.