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first love can't let go

Why You Can’t Let Go of Your First Love – and How to Be Free

Learning why you can’t let go of your first love ( who is part of your “emotional memories”) will help you find freedom and healing from the past. The first time you fall in love is more precious and enchanting than all your other loves put together! You never forget your first love because it has a special resonance in your actual physical cells and DNA.

How to Get Over Someone Who Cheated and Lied to You

Help Getting Over Someone Who Cheated and Lied

Breakups are painful; infidelity and affairs are worse. Being cheated on is an emotional, physical, and psychological betrayal that doesn’t just heal overnight. How do you get over someone who cheated on you and lied about it – especially if you loved a man or lived with your husband for years?

why is breaking up so hard

10 Reasons You’re Struggling to Get Over the Breakup

Even when a relationship isn’t healthy and has to end, breaking up is hard to do. When you understand why breakups are so difficult, you increase your chances of healing and moving on. These ten reasons breaking up is hard to do will give you insight and wisdom, which will help you get over the breakup.

How to End an Affair You Want to Continue

How to End an Affair You Want to Continue

It hurts, but you know you need to end the affair. These suggestions aren’t just tips on how to break up. Rather, they will help you see that a healthy ending will ease the pain and soothe your soul. You’ll see your affair in a different light. You’ll also realize that ending the affair is about rebuilding your self-respect and focusing on why you can’t keep cheating.