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10 Gifts to Cheer Someone Up After a Breakup

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How do you console someone whose heart is broken? First, by being there to listen, love, and hug. Second, by taking time and making an effort to find the right gift to cheer someone up after a breakup! She needs to know that people still love and care about her. The best gift ideas show love and support, and tell her she’s not alone.

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Friendship Necklace

For example, a Friendship Necklace is a beautiful symbol of the gift of your friendship. “The story of friendship is written on the pages of the heart. I am a better me because of you.” A gift that represents your support, companionship and love is always comforting to someone after a loss, death or divorce. The best gifts to cheer someone up after a breakup are tangible symbols of your presence. Show her that she is not alone – even when you aren’t in the same room, city or even country.

Good friends are like stars; you don’t always see them, but you know they are always there.

This list of gifts to cheer someone up after a breakup include messages of stability, permanence, and long relationships. Breaking up is painful for many reasons; one of the worst parts is losing someone you thought would be there for you always. These gifts and ideas will help your friend or family member know they aren’t alone.

Cheering someone up after a painful breakup or difficult divorce requires more than gifts. It’s not the gift itself that cheers someone up; it’s your thoughtfulness, time, and energy. The fact that you want to give someone a gift to cheer her up means you care about her…and that is more meaningful than the actual gift you give.

10 Gift Ideas to Cheer Her Up After a Breakup

Remember that your presence is more important than any physical object. Giving someone the gift of time, unconditional acceptance and long periods of listening – without giving advice – are the best ways to help her overcome setbacks after a breakup.

The gift of beauty, joy and love

Gifts to Cheer Someone Up After a Breakup
Gift Basket to Cheer Her Up After a Breakup

This “Hello Beautiful” Gift Basket for Women includes a beautiful leather journal, six fragrant bath bombs, a scarf, socks, and ring holders for jewelry. It’s wrapped and gift-ready, and is designed to help her feel special, loved, and hopeful.

The best gifts to cheer someone up after a breakup symbolize letting go, healing, and hope. No matter how unhealthy, bad or even abusive the relationship was, breakups hurt. They break our hearts and sometimes even shatter our lives. The gifts we give someone after a breakup aren’t just to cheer them up, but to remind them that they will heal and grow forward into a fresh new season of life.

The gift of acceptance

You’re searching for gifts to cheer someone up after a breakup, which is kind and loving! But don’t tell her to “cheer up.” She can’t just cheer herself up, and you can’t give her something that will miraculously ease her broken heart. Give her the gift of acceptance.

It may help to remember that if someone has low self-esteem, they may take longer to fill the void in her life after a breakup. Research shows that people with low self-esteem see themselves very negatively. People who feel bad about themselves often interpret romantic rejections, critical feedback, or unsuccessful job applications as evidence of their general unworthiness. The best way to help someone cheer up after a breakup – the best gift you can give – is to let her heal at her own pace. Let her talk, cry, rage and complain. Let her be sad without trying too hard to cheer her up.

A childlike gift to cheer someone up after a breakup

Gift Ideas for Friends After a Break Up
I’m Prancine – Hug Me!

Stuffies Baby Prancine the Unicorn is the cutest, softest, most lovable stuffed animal that your friend will ever hug and cry with! This is a whimsical, bright, endearing gift for women who remember what it was like to be a child, to hug a stuffie, and to feel safe. That includes you, and me, and the someone you love whose broken heart hasn’t mended yet.

This “breakup gift” idea is the perfect way to give someone permission to cry like a child and feel like a kid again. When a heart is broken, she needs to be held and rocked. Giving her something that will let her be a little girl will help her heal from the pain of breaking up with someone she loves.

An invitation to join you in something new

“After a breakup you have to get out, go to the gym, join a karate club, take self-defense classes for women!” says Jackie in 10 Ways to Move on After a Break Up. “Even a knitting club or a travel club. I joined a MeetUp group after my husband left me and it was one of the best gifts I ever gave myself. I needed to be cheered up and it turned out that taking risks was the perfect way to reconnect with myself.”

Instead of focusing on the breakup – or even searching for the best gifts to cheer someone up after a breakup – sign her up for a new class, activity or course together. A women’s self-defense seminar is a powerful way to rebuild low self-esteem and reconnect with your tough inner girl.

The DIY toolbox: a practical breakup gift

tool gift set for women going through divorce

The Home DIY Household Tool Kit is one of my favorite gifts in that list – and not just because of the donations Apollo makes to breast cancer research! Breaking up means someone has to start life over, and not every woman is prepared to live alone. I know I’m not. That’s why the best breakup gifts and tips combine practical support with comfort and warmth.

In fact, research shows that friends prefer practical over fancy gifts! A study in the Journal of Consumer Research shows that gift givers lean towards fancy presents – such as a gift card for an expensive restaurant – while friends prefer more practical gifts. Stuff they use and enjoy, like good coffee or frozen smoothie cubes. When you’re looking for the best gift to cheer someone up after a breakup, remember that practical gifts are more appreciated and enjoyed.

In 10 Gifts for Someone Going Through a Divorce I suggested more practical ideas for women after a long relationship or marriage ends.

The gift of breakup music

breakup gifts
Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johansson

Break Up with Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johansson is collaboration between the singer/songwriter and actress/vocalist. This break up album re-enacts the tempestuous course of a love affair on the rocks, and will express the feelings your friend has after the break up. If Scarlett J isn’t your friend’s favorite performer or singer, consider different types of breakup songs.

I’ve never been into breakup music, and was surprised when my blog post Songs for Letting Go of Someone You Love was one of my top ten for over a year. Some people find comfort and healing in sad songs, which makes music one of the best gifts to cheer someone up after a breakup.

A cup of blossoms after a breakup

Gifts to Cheer Someone Up After Breakup
Flowering Tea Gift to Cheer Someone Up

The beauty and comfort of a Numi Organic Tea Flowering Gift Set is the perfect way to console and comfort someone who loves tea. This gift includes a handcrafted mahogany bamboo chest, a glass teapot, and six flowering tea blossoms.

This gift isn’t just designed to cheer someone up after a breakup, it shows her how she will heal, grow and blossom into a new season of life.

“When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.” – Alexander Graham Bell.

An ebook about letting go of the past

Gifts to Cheer Someone Up After a Breakup
A Breakup Gift

How to Let Go of Someone You Love is an ebook that will help someone cope with a breakup and let go of the past. The Blossom Tips are both cheerful and effective, the stories are real, and the advice is from relationship experts and counselors. You might email your friend a Blossom Tip a day – or even just one a week – to help heal her broken heart.

“To be rejected by someone doesn’t mean you should also reject yourself or that you should think of yourself as a lesser person,” says Jocelyn Soriano in Mend My Broken Heart: A Spiritual Yet Practical Approach To Healing, Moving On and Loving Again. “It doesn’t mean that nobody will ever love you anymore. Remember that only ONE person has rejected you at the moment.”

If you have other ideas for gifts for friends after a break up, please share below. I’d love to hear from you!


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