When to Break Up

Getting Out of a Verbally Abusive Relationship

How to Get Out of a Verbally Abusive Relationship

Leaving a verbally abusive relationship when you have nowhere to go, nobody to talk to, and nothing to lean on will take grit, courage and strength. You may not feel ready to actually leave, but you can start reflecting on the steps toward freedom. Each of these five examples or signs of verbal abuse are paired with an idea for getting out of the relationship.

When Guilt Keeps You in a Marriage You Wish Was Over

Are You Staying Married Out of Guilt?

You feel guilty, but you just don’t love your husband the way you once did. You haven’t told anyone that guilt is keeping in a marriage you wish was over. How do you live with a man you don’t love? Maybe you even cheated on him and you feel guilty for that, too. You don’t feel like you can leave…and yet you feel like you can’t stay married. How do you cope with a marriage rooted in guilt and shame?