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10 Board Games for Couples

couples board games

“Board Games for Couples” image of mancala via Wikimedia Commons

I’m not a big fan of playing board games, but my husband and I were recently invited over to another couple’s house for “games night.” It was a ton of fun – and it inspired me to rewrite an article about board games for couples.

One of the most fun games my husband and I play is mancala – it’s one of the first games of strategy ever invented, and has been played for thousands of years. Here’s why I enjoy playing mancala with my husband, plus nine fun games for couples.

I love mancala because it’s easy to learn and doesn’t take a long time to play. My husband and I play it when we’re sipping on a glass of wine at Happy Hour. We take breaks from playing this game to check on dinner. That’s why I think it’s a fun game for couples: it doesn’t require tons of concentration, yet it does make you think.

We have a homemade version of mancala, which Bruce made from an egg carton and 48 buttons. He went to a mancala games afternoon with his Little Brother. The homemade version of this couples game works really well, but a Deluxe Wood Mancala Game is a great gift for an anniversary or birthday. It’s a beautiful wood handicraft, as well as a fun game to play when you have a few minutes to spare.

10 Board Games for Couples

Bananagrams. Bruce and I have a Scrabble game, but Bananagrams is much more fun! It’s a speedy version of the original Scrabble game. If you’re prone to anxiety or if you have a highly competitive streak, you may find Bananagrams more stressful than fun. I think it’s a good board game for couples who are comfortable with words and thinking on their feet, and who think well under pressure.

Board games from your childhood. What did games did you play when you were a kid? Break out those old board or other games! Make your couples game night a chance to reminisce and build a closer relationship. Maybe you played cards as a kid, or Snakes and Ladders. Taking a trip down memory lane can be a fun board game for a couple. If your parents live close by, go to their place and look through the attic or basement for the old board games you used to play.

couples board games

Discovery Board Game for Couples

The Discovery Game. Whether you’ve been married for three days or three decades, The Discovery Game for Married Couples is a great way to spark conversations and keep the romance alive. It offers practical insights that can help you build a healthier, happier marriage.

Improv games for two. My Little Sister and I went to a skating party hosted by the Big Sisters organization in Vancouver; part of the entertainment was an improv show. Afterward, my Little and I played improv games all afternoon and all the way home! It was so much fun. An example of a fun improv game for couples is taking turns saying one word at a time, to make complete sentences and/or tell a story. For instance, you say “We”, your partner says “love”, you say “playing”, your partner says “games”…”for”…”couples”…”that”…”don’t”….etc etc! Another fun improv game for couples is when one partner starts a sentence with the letter “A.” Your partner has to start the next sentence with the letter “B” – and the sentence has to make sense. It’s quite challenging, but these games are a lot of fun. This isn’t really a board game for couples, but it requires speedy thought.

Talking games. How well do you know your partner? Are you searching for fun games for couples because you’ve been married for decades and need to find stuff to do together, or because you’re in a new relationship and still need to get to know each other? Either way, Table Topics is a fun game for couples. You pick cards that have questions and statements on them, and you share your thoughts. It’s a good game for couples who need encouragement to talk more.

Hide and seek. This isn’t exactly a board game for couples, but when was the last time you played hide and seek? Maybe I should’ve added this to my “games from your childhood” suggestion, because it’s definitely a kids’ game. Give it a try: play hide and seek in your house. If you’re in a small apartment or condo, be creative. Hide a piece of clothing and use the “hot warm cold” directions to help each other find your hidden treasures.

Smart Ass Trivia Game. Need to burn off some energy and relieve stress? Smart Ass is an inexpensive, fun board game for couples that has received hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon. It’s a quick moving, fun party game – great for more than one couple.

Chess. I saved the least fun board game for couples for last – unless you’re a couple who loves a challenge! One of my boyfriends tried to teach me chess once, and it was a true character revealer. If you’re dating and you want to know if he’s right for you, pick a difficult game like chess. Even better if one or both of you don’t now how to play it, because your and his true colors will come out.

Puzzles and coloring books. Does a 1,000 piece puzzle count as a board game for couples? Every time I sit down and do a puzzle or color in a coloring book, I feel a zen-like calmness, clarity, and peace. Puzzles and coloring keep your hands busy and your brain free, so you can talk about heavy relationship topics or light discussions about your favorite food. A puzzle isn’t exactly a fun couples game – it’s more of a relaxing, quiet way to connect. If you haven’t done a puzzle with your partner (which my husband and I haven’t), try it the next time you’re looking for a game to play. The 1,000 Piece Candy Wrapper Jigsaw Puzzle is awesome.

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If you have any thoughts or ideas about what the best board games for couples are, please comment below. As I said, I’m not a big board game fan – so I need all the help I can get!

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