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8 Ways to Heal a Broken Heart – A Girl’s Guide

Is your heart broken, your spirit shattered? These tips for healing a broken heart will help you move from heartbreak and pain to peace and freedom.

Letting go of someone you love is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do…and maybe one of the healthiest things you’ll ever do! If you’re struggling to overcome heartbreak, read How to Heal a Broken Heart in 30 Days: A Day-by-Day Guide to Saying Good-bye and Getting On With Your Life.

These eight ways to move on with your life when your heart is broken are inspired by a reader’s comment on A Simple Cure – How to Get Over a Broken Heart. In that article, I share the 20 most frequently asked questions (FAQ) from readers about how to get over a broken heart. You’ll see yourself there – and you may find the cure you need in these stories and insights. In the meantime, here are a few ideas for healing a broken heart…

“Giving up doesn’t always mean you are weak; sometimes it means you are strong enough to let go.” ~ Author Unknown.

How to Heal a Broken Heart

Get into breakup survival mode with these tips – and move on with your life!

1. Talk about your feelings

If you’re heartbroken, you need share your feelings — but don’t obsess, whine endlessly, or get mired in the past. Talk about your loss, but have a purpose. Figure out your role in the love relationship. Sort out your feelings, and learn how to create a better relationship next time. To heal a broken heart, you need to work through your feelings of loss, disappointment, pain, anger, or frustration.

If you tend to obsessive thinking, read How to Stop Thinking About Your Ex and Get On With Your Life.

2. Trust time – it’s a cliche’d way to heal a broken heart, but it’s true!

Even though it feels like your heart is broken into a million pieces right now, know that one day you will breathe easier and laugh again. Time is a great healer…it may not your erase pain forever, but it can help you heal a broken heart.

You will heal. You will feel happy, healthy, and whole again! You’ll step into a new season, and you will Blossom into the woman God created you to be. But first, you have to heal. Know that even your most difficult losses, heartbreaks, setbacks, and disappointments are part of who you are. They make you whole in a weird way. Your heartbreaks and breakups actually make you stronger, more resilient, and more you.

3. Accept that your breakup will always be part of you

In life there are always some things we never get over. And we may never heal our broken hearts completely — but we can still live full, rewarding lives! It’s important to put the past behind you and move on; this includes accepting that your losses, heartbreaks, setbacks, and disappointments are part of who you. One day you will breathe easier and laugh again. Time will bring distance and healing. You’ll always remember this breakup, but you won’t always feel the bitter pain of a broken heart.

4. Pursue something new in your life

Start a new chapter in your social, professional, personal, or spiritual life. These are great ways to heal a broken heart: volunteer, take a solo vacation, join a new gym, take a night class, join a support group, check out a new social club, quit your job, find ways to take risks every day. Branching out in new directions after the breakup will help you heal and get strong.

For more tips, read 7 Ways to Pick Up the Pieces of Your Broken Heart.

5. Remember both the good and the bad parts of the relationship

When you’ve lost someone you love, it’s easy to focus on the great parts of the relationship and his personality. But, don’t forget the flaws! This is one of my favorite breakup tips because remembering both what you loved and what annoyed you will keep you grounded. And, being grounded will help you overcome heartbreak. Be objective and balanced when you think of the person you lost.

6. Know you’re not alone if you are heartbroken

8 Ways to Heal a Broken Heart – A Girl’s Guide

how to heal a broken heart

We’ve all been there — even the strongest, happiest people had to heal from broken hearts and loss. Heartbreak feels like you can’t breathe, your life is over, you’ll never love again, and you’ll never laugh again. But letting go of someone you love is easier if you remember you’re not alone.

Stay connected with your good friends, or take this bookworm’s advice and read books like The Girls’ Guide to Surviving a Break Up.

7. Get professional help if your heart isn’t healing

Talking through your problems with an objective counselor, pastor, or psychologist can help you recognize the big picture, especially if you’re depressed or scared about your future. If you’re wondering what to do when after a breakup – and you feel lost and helpless- get help.

8. Accept the ups and downs of healing a broken heart

Sometimes you think you’ll never heal your broken heart; other times, you feel happy and good about your life! These ups and downs are normal and will even out over time, but you may always have some days that are worse than others. Birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays can be difficult even years after a breakup. Letting go of someone you love and overcoming heartbreak is a circular journey that takes time.

If you’re ready to heal your broken heart, you may find 7 Healthy Ways to Let Go of Someone You Love helpful.

My prayer for you is that you heal your broken heart and find ways to be happy again. May you renew your sense of peace, wonder, and joy at the goodness in the world.

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9 thoughts on “8 Ways to Heal a Broken Heart – A Girl’s Guide”

  1. How will I be able to let go of someone I really love. I’ve been living lifeless since we parted. I don’t know how long I will endure the pain. Situation is the reason why we can’t be. No matter how much I think a way to accept the fact it makes me hurt more. How will I be able to forget everything and move on with my life. What to doi f the reason of your tears is the one that you feel could heal you but it can’t be?

  2. Dear Twinkle,

    I’m sorry your heart is broken. You loved your boyfriend so much and you would’ve given anything to be with him! You trusted him and you wanted to build a strong, healthy relationship with him.

    Losing someone you love is really hard. It hurts, and there are no simple ways to heal a broken heart. Different ideas and tips work for different people, which is why I like to share a variety of ideas. But we each need to find our own path to healing.

    Sometimes it takes a long time to heal a broken heart because we’re still dealing with pain and grief from the past. How did you heal from your last breakup? It sounds like you were hurt before, and you’re scared to love. If you haven’t healed from past relationship breakups, you will find this heartbreak even more difficult to overcome.

    Take a deep breath. The best way to heal is to go into the pain and really grieve your loss. Allow yourself to cry and mourn, so you can process the pain. Give yourself time to be scared, insecure, and desperate.

    Write in a private journal all your fears and worries. Tell God how you feel in writing, work through all your pain in your written words. This will help you heal your broken heart because it will give the pain somewhere to go instead of sitting in your soul.

    And, spend time with people who love and support you. Who has helped you deal with pain and heartbreak in the past? Can you reach out to them, and get a shoulder to cry on? Sometimes we just need someone to hug.

    What is one thing you can do today to help yourself heal?

    1. Thank you for your advise.Now I’m more hurt cuz he contacted me for money.He want to borrow some money from me so he contacted.When he want,he told me with beautiful words.After I transferred my money to him,he neglect me.He used me again for money.This money is my one month salary but I dont care,I gave him.Next day ,I saw him with his friends on facebook.He is happy.He cried for money when we talking on phone.My memory is warning me ‘dont help him for money’ but my heart tell ‘help’.Latest,I did my heart’wish.I know he want to get my money so he told me with beautiful words.He lied me.How should I do?If valentie day is very near,I’ll more hurt cuz our anniversary day (3 year).

  3. I love him so much but he broke my heart two times.Now I cannot control my mind.I dont wanna live.I dont think so that he’ll break our relationship next time but he made it now.Now I cant happy,eat and sleep.My emotion is very bad cuz I’m healing again for heart broken.My heart is break into pieces.I’m tired and scared love.But I cant forget him.I always remember him.How should I do??

  4. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on these ways to heal a broken heart! I really appreciate your stories, because I know they help other readers heal. You’re showing other people that they’re not alone.

    Paul said something so important: his girlfriend has withdrawn emotionally, but won’t let him go. That’s common! Here’s an article about it:

    4 Signs of Emotional Distance in a Love Relationship

    I hope it helps. May your broken heart heal, and your spirit rise to welcome the dawn.

  5. I have just got off a call with my girlfriend, we didn’t break up, no. however she is furious that I took my baby to the baby momma. she didn’t know until I told her because I feel the need to tell her as my partner since we bound to be open about anything. she’s angry and won’t even talk to me. she counts my mistakes and retrieves the past mistakes even if I’ve done the smallest thing, like meeting my friends without telling her. instead of confronting me she’d rather do the same thing and pin it on me. I feel like I’m not good enough but won’t let go still because I love her a lot. I feel like she broke up with me long time ago she just won’t tell. it’s really painful .

    some of the things I’ve read on this page have helped me think differently and not dwell in what might not work out, though I want to so badly. I think I’ll have to let go before I even feel more pain.

  6. its hard but not impossible to let go of someone
    think about it this way Mind Over Matter if they desided to walk
    out of your life then why should you care remember that these
    people or certain person are irrelevant now Move on its complicated
    and makes you feel like something is wrong with you but it isnt nothing
    was ever wrong with you it was just the fact that you didnt belong in that relationship
    and that is why things didnt work out.

  7. Thanks for your comment, fitness girl. I think we’ve all been there, and we could all use these tips for healing a broken heart!

    What always worked for me was remembering the past boyfriends I loved and lost. That helped me move on, because it reminded me that I healed before and I will heal again.

  8. hi,

    Letting go of someone is very hard to do.
    Forgetting the past memories is very painful. And Finding someone is a difficult decision…….
    But anyways thank you for those tips that you have shared. I know it will be very useful to me…..

    Really thank you

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