Showing Love

How to Know Your Relationship is Worth Fighting For

7 Signs Your Relationship is Worth Fighting For

When you’re in the midst of a relationship – and the resulting turmoil about love, conflict, the future – you wonder if your relationship is worth fighting for. The problem is you can’t see clearly because you’re in the middle of the confusion! This is normal. These are the three stages of love will help you see and understand yourself, your partner, and your relationship more clearly.

How the Power of Love Can Save Your Marriage

Harnessing the Power of Love to Save Your Marriage

Love is powerful and strong..but is the power of love strong enough to save your marriage? It depends how you — and your husband — harness that power to renew your love for one another. The power of love is a learned skill, not something that comes from your feelings, hormones or even your yearning for a better marriage. Some psychologists call love an “act of willpower.” Not very romantic, but if you don’t deliberately learn and practice the skills of love, you can’t save your marriage.