10 Eco-Friendly Gifts for Your Boyfriend’s Birthday

Say I love you on your boyfriend’s birthday and get creative with these eco-friendly gift ideas. Your boyfriend will appreciate the unique-ness of these expressions of love!

Ways to Say I Love You on His Birthday

A luxurious, soft bathrobe such as Men’s Bamboo Bathrobe is a practical way to show your love on your boyfriend’s birthday. It’s plush and lush, yet useful.

The best tip for buying a gift for your boyfriend’s birthday is to put yourself in his shoes. Don’t buy him something you think he should want, or that you want for him. Buy him a birthday present that he wants, even if it seems silly to you. I’ve bought my husband remote control helicopters and cars because we don’t have kids, and he likes playing with them with our friends’ kids come to visit. Do something like that for your boyfriend’s birthday – get your boyfriend an eco-friendly gift that takes into account his personality, lifestyle, and tastes. For my husband’s birthday this year, I bought him a men’s Bible. I’m not sure if a Bible is an eco-friendly gift for his birthday, but it’s something he wanted and I know he’ll use it.

Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend’s Birthday

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Revive the romantic with soy candles and organic lingerie

Let’s face it – most guys love sex. The best way to say I love you on his birthday is with healthy sex. Avoid regular wax candles, which are made from petroleum that, when burned, unleashes the equivalent of diesel exhaust. Natural soy or beeswax candles set the mood without polluting the air. Light the fire with bamboo lingerie, hemp camisoles, and stylish organic cotton underwear – now sexier than ever! What’s more romantic on his birthday than soft silks and satins?

Treat your boyfriend to a birthday dinner at a classy (not grassy) green restaurant

Some eco-friendly restaurants boast cloth napkins, low-flush toilets, and energy-efficient lighting – but even better are their regional, seasonal, and sustainable gourmet meals. Google “eco-friendly restaurants” to find one near you – or experiment with vegan or vegetarian fare at home. Since most meat production isn’t environmentally friendly, stick with meat-free recipes. Getting healthy is a very caring way to say I love you on his birthday, and it can be creative if done right.

Give your boyfriend the gift of play on his birthday

Robotic Arm Gift for Boyfriend’s Birthday

Robotic Arm Gift for Your Boyfriend’s Birthday

If he likes toys – which my husband does – say I love you with a fun, creative birthday gift like a Robotic Arm Robot Kit. It’s a very popular birthday gift for men on Amazon, and I suspect most men would love to fool around with it! A few years ago I bought my husband a toy helicopter for his birthday, and he’s still talking about how much he loves it. Robotic arms and toy helicopters aren’t green ways to say I love you on his birthday, but they’re fun!

Write a love poem on biodegradable seed paper

Paper is the most common form of waste and accounts for almost 35% of landfill garbage. A lovely birthday gift idea is to say “I love you” with a seed-embedded card that, when planted in soil, grows wildflowers. More tree-free alternatives include hemp, bamboo, banana stalk and sugarcane paper.

Say I love you on his birthday in the bathtub

Give him a basket of eco-friendly bath salts, creams and fragrances. Bathing can be nontoxic, cruelty-free, sustainable, natural for lovers, and even green (if done occasionally). For an eco-friendly Valentine’s Day, use concentrated bath salts because they last longer and use less packaging. Try edible massage oils, shea body butter, or sandalwood fragrances from Lush Cosmetics or The Body Shop.

Toast his birthday with organic wine, beer or liquor

Organic grapes produce wine made with minimal sulfites and processing — a healthy way to say I love you on his birthday! Biodynamic wines come from agriculture that maintains biodiversity through nature’s cyclical rhythms, crop rotation and homeopathic sprays. For a healthy brew, swill organic potato or hemp beer – or go hard with organic vodka martinis.

Give him the time of his life – a watch for your boyfriend’s birthday

gold watch boyfriend birthday

Gold Watch for Boyfriend’s Birthday

A Michael Kors Lexington Gold Watch for Men is a beautiful birthday gift. Watches are thoughtful and practical, and even creative expressions of love. The beauty of giving your boyfriend a watch for his birthday is that you can choose from a huge variety of different types of watches: luxury, sport, work, casual, elegant.

Sip organic champagne from recycled glass goblets

“Real” champagne is sparkling wine (sometimes organic) from the Champagne region in France. To reduce transportation pollution, celebrate his birthday with a local favourite such as sparkling organic apple cider. Add a set of funky recycled wineglasses or goblets to your bottle of champagne.

Say I love you on his birthday with conflict-free Canadian diamonds (and a proposal?)

“Canadian mining standards are higher than most countries’,” says diamond geologist Bruce Kienlen (my husband!). “Diamond mines in Canada’s North offer huge economic benefits for aboriginals.” Some jewelers, such as Brilliant Earth, donate profits to underdeveloped communities, shield eco-systems, and treat indigenous peoples fairly.

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Explore vintage shops for chic recycled jewelry

Is your boyfriend into jewelry? Get creative and vintage! When improperly obtained, new jewelry can damage land, impact ecosystems, and harm miners. Say “I love you” with antique sapphires, emeralds and rubies from vintage stores – or ask elderly family members if they’d willing to recycle their classic treasures.

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What do you think of these ways to say I love you on his birthday – do you have any tips to add?

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