Quips and Tips From the Working World is Hiring Bloggers

Quips and Tips is busting at the seams! I’m hiring bloggers for my Working World blog – it’s easy, interesting “Quips and Tips” job that will improve your web writing and editing skills, increase your online exposure, and earn you a bit ‘o money…

I’m looking for bloggers to contribute to Quips and Tips From the Working World. This blogging job doesn’t require strong writing or SEO skills — it’s involves editing and formatting. Basically, I need bloggers to send interviews to sources and format the interviews into a well-written blog post.

Even though this isn’t a writing job, it will improve your writing skills! Editing another person’s writing – especially if they aren’t natural writers – is a fantastic way to become a better writer.

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Here’s the scoop…

Quips and Tips is Hiring Bloggers


  • Online exposure
  • Web writing experience
  • Links to your website or blog
  • Money! I pay per blog post, via PayPal
  • Work as much or as little you want – this is an ongoing gig
  • Learning more about different jobs and careers — these are very interesting articles to edit!

If you’re hesitant to write online or start your own blog, this is a great way to learn.


  • Ability to post to WordPress
  • Editing experience
  • Some familiarity with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – the posts don’t really require optimization, but it’s good if you know what SEO is

“Quips and Tips” Blogger Job Description

quips and tips laurie pawlik kienlen vancouver writer bloggerStep One: Email my standard “Quips and Tips From the Working World” interview to whoever you’d like to profile. I’ll send you my pre-formatted interview questions; they’re ready to go and need no editing.

Almost all occupations and jobs are welcome, even if they’ve already been profiled on Quips and Tips. Since different employees have different experiences, duplicate occupations are fine. The one exception right now is writers and writing jobs, as I’ve already posted several profiles of freelancers, copywriters, novelists, and editors.

Step Two: Format the e-interview the same way as my Private Investigator Job Description – Private I Career Tips.

Formatting requirements:

  • Like the title, the first sentence should contain the words “job description”, “career tips”, and two versions of the occupation (eg, private investigator and PI). I’ll provide more keyword combinations.
  • The next 2-3 sentences offer an interesting quotation from the source (a quip!), as well as his or her name, job title, and organization.
  • The next paragraph should lead into the job description itself. Writing transitions like this is a great way to improve your writing skills!
  • The next few paragraphs consist of the source’s information, formatted into grammatically correct sentences and quotations. 400-800 words.
  • The article ends with a 2-3 sentence bio from the source, in italics.
  • The next sentence, in bold, asks readers to comment.
  • Your byline comes at the end of the article, in italics. Share 2-3 sentences about yourself, including your name, occupation, and blog or website link.

I have a standard “Quips and Tips” article format for you to use — including the bolded subtitles. You need only fill in the blanks!

What about the graphics?

  • The logo in the top right part of the article is a jpg or gif that your source provides, which you insert. It can be a company logo or a picture of him or her, approximately 150×150.

Step Three: Email me the article.  After  I give the article a once-over, you will email the source a “your profile is published” notice – this is also a prewritten email that I will give you. CC me on that email.

  • It should take you less than 45 minutes to edit and post the article. Once you get the hang of it, it will take less time.

Step Four: Check your PayPal account! I pay bloggers on the 2nd or 3rd day of every month, in US dollars.

I really enjoy interviewing sources and formating profiles for Quips and Tips From the Working World — it’s just that I don’t have enough time to do it.

If you’re interested in giving it a try, please comment below and I’ll email you the details within a week.

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34 thoughts on “Quips and Tips From the Working World is Hiring Bloggers

  • Kerala Holidays

    Very nice one. I’m just starting out with blogging, but I do a lot of online and SEO writing for Demand Studios, Suite101 and Break Studios as well as writing for a couple of newspapers. I would be interested in interviewing for the working world blog.

  • Monai

    Hi Laurie,
    I’m a 16 year old who is currently writing a book and is deeply interested in applying for this job description. I have 2 years of computer knowledge, Writing, editing and formatting my whole school career and again very interested in doing this.

  • Kim

    Hi there! Wondering if you are still taking paid bloggers on for this? Just discovered it today…please send me an email if so. Thanks!

  • Kevin@Dog Obedience Training

    Is there any prerequisite as to how much of writing experience is required.

  • Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Thank you for your interest in blogging for Quips and Tips! I really appreciate it, but things have changed.

    I explain why here:

    Why I Stopped Hiring Bloggers to Write for Quips and Tips

    All good things,

  • L. Blanchard

    Hi Laurie,

    Nice to meet another Laurie who spells her name the way I do.

    I’m interested if you are still looking, and would like more details.


  • Fiona Beaty

    Hi Laurie,
    I don’t know if you remember me, from Bowen, but we chatted about freelance writing a couple of years ago.
    My situation has since changed (and I’ve moved, too), and I’m interested in doing a bit of writing “on the side”.
    I’d be very interested in learning more about becoming one of your contributors.


  • Alex Verzuh

    Hi Laurie,

    I currently work as a Marketing Manager and Social Media Coordinator for a web development company where I am a blog editor. I’m also a paid freelance writer, fashion blogger and have a two year diploma in Public Relations where I took many writing, design/formating and editing classes among others. Plus, I’m trained in SEO.

    I’m keen to write for you and would love some more information.


  • waterpearls

    Hi Laurie,
    It is really a good post for bloggers and for those who are interested in writing jobs. You are doing great work and I am also interested in it.

  • Scarlett Clark

    If you are still looking, I am very interested. I need to work on my writing skills and this looks to be a great opportunity. I have wordpress experience and some SEO.
    Thank you!

  • Joanna Jacobs

    Hi Laurie,

    I work as a freelance copyeditor/proofreader and have a bachelor’s degree in journalism, so I have plenty of experience in both editing and interviewing! I’m interested in writing for you and would love more information. Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you!

  • Chris Ciolli

    Hi! I’m just starting out with blogging, but I do a lot of online and SEO writing for Demand Studios, Suite101 and Break Studios as well as writing for a couple of newspapers. I would be interested in interviewing for the working world blog.

    Thanks for your time,
    Chris Ciolli

  • Rosario

    Hi Laurie,

    This sounds really interesting! I’d like to know if you are still actively looking for contributors. If you are, please let me know via email. Thanks in advance!


  • Walter Pearson

    Very interesting, Laurie!
    I am looking to pursue this – please contact me at your earliest opportunity, and thank you! I am promoting on more than one site currently, so any information you can provide on your preferences, please do!

  • Gail Armanini

    Hi Laurie — I just joined Suite101 and found you there. Your work is incredible! Interviewing for the working world blog would be a “double win,” because my day job involves working with high school kids as they plan their college/career choices. I’d be that much more informed for them, as well as a better writer and blogger. Thanks for your consideration.

  • Jennifer Tyus

    I’m interested please send me more info. to start. I’m currently not employed but I need some sort of income, this would be helpful to me.

  • Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Thank you for your interest!

    I will email you directly, to discuss the possibilities.

    Tally ho,

  • Marie

    Hi Laurie, wow you are certainly inspirational! I have discovered you by accidentally browsing or fate, whichever you like to call it and really like what you do! I have always loved writing and now have the time and hopefully a bit of life experience to give it a go. I would be interested in the above as a starting point for me personally – and wondered if you could get in touch please – thank you and hope to hear from you soon x