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How to Blossom When You Don’t Feel Inspired

You can’t heal her – the daughter, niece or neighbor who is trying to fill the hole in her soul with food, sex, drugs, clothes, cutting. You can’t bring them back – the mother, sister, or best friend you lost. The brother, uncle, father who was taken from you too early, […]

Blossom for Her Sake

What Helped You Blossom

What Helped You Blossom Last Time?

I recently dreamed I was unpacking boxes after moving to a new house. I was devastated! I love my current home, and in my dream I didn’t get to say good-bye. Suddenly I was ripped away and had to start living a whole new life. It happened so fast, I […]

How to Stop Nurturing Dead Blossoms

Have you fallen into the trap of doing what’s easy, but useless? Maybe you have – or maybe you haven’t really thought about it. It’s time! I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. Here’s mine: I spend about an hour on Twitter every day, and I have more than 9,373 […]

how to stop nurturing dead blossom


Blossoms in Your Email List

When my email address list reached 1,500 contacts, I decided it was time to declutter. Actually, the real reason I decluttered was because I sent a slightly confidential email to the wrong Frances. The Frances I was supposed to email is my supervisor (I’m a casual relief employee at a […]

Bittersweet Blossoms

I once attended a Passover dinner at a Jewish friend’s home. We sat around the dinner table, and took turns reading short portions of the Torah. We passed a portion of Maror (bitter herbs) around the table, each of us taking a small taste. Yuck! Then we passed Charoset, which […]

Laurie in Split, Croatia

how to weed out the uglies blossom

How to Pull the Weeds So You Can Blossom

“If I feel worse after being with someone,” says Lacy, “I wonder whether it’s a valuable way to spend my time. I should feel happier and lighter after a visit, not drained or depressed.” Lacy and I were walking our dogs, talking about friends, dog poop, and the meaning of […]

Cast Off Your Anchor and Blossom!

What’s dragging you down and holding you back? Funny how anchors can start out as grounding and safe, yet they can turn into huge weights that prevent you from moving forward. My anchor is Happy Hour at my house. I love having a glass of Zinfandel or Merlot at 5 […]

Cast Off Your Anchor and Blossom

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How to Blossom in Your Creativity

It’s True Confessions time…. I call myself The Adventurous Writer, but the truth is I’d rather be The Adventurous Artist. I’ve always had a secret dream of being an artist in New York City. I wanted to live in a huge airy loft filled with easels, oil paints, splattered rags, […]