Putting Parables Into Practice

This is the month I turn 45! What better way for the Adventurous Writer to celebrate than with a new theme for my blogs? I’ve been “Putting Parables Into Practice” since the new year – I find parables, myths, and fables from all over the world, and use them to illustrate insights about life, work, love, health, etc.

adventurous writer putting parables into practice
Putting Parables Into Practice

For instance, I applied The Parable of the Hospital Window to my recent health problems. My ulcerative colitis has been flared for about six weeks, and I was inspired to write about how to stay positive when I’m sick.

My favourite parable is the one about The Tigers and the Strawberries – I shared that on Quips and Tips for Successful Writers, along with five tips for becoming a journalist.

The Parable of the Coconut also offered awesome insights into life, love, and relationships. Specifically, it was about waiting and letting the dust settle before you make any big decisions, or before you freak out about something that may or may not happen!

Hmmm…what else is new with me? I’m still The Adventurous Writer in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and I still never want to grow up 🙂

I’ve also been trying my hand at sending a Quips and Tips newsletter twice a month, but that’s been a bit rocky. Sending newsletters isn’t my strength – for some reason I just can’t get comfortable emailing people directly. But I guess that’s what being an adventurous writer is all about. Taking risks, pushing outside of comfort zones, and doing things that make me feel scared and insecure.

Your thoughts on taking risks, being an adventurous writer, Putting Parables Into Practice, living in Vancouver, or working towards a dream are welcome below! May you grow stronger and wiser, more peaceful and happy.



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