Popular Articles About Love, Relationships, Infidelity

Here’s a round up of my most popular articles about love, relationships, and infidelity on Quips and Tips for Achieving Your Goals. Although I want my money articles to be more popular — it seems that love, relationships, and infidelity is what readers are most interested in! And since I aim to please…

Here are my three most popular articles about love:

And my three most popular articles about relationships:

And finally, my three most popular articles about infidelity:


About the Adventurous Writer website — which is “a work in progress”:

I can’t decide what I want this website to be! The site, The Adventurous Writer, is the hub of my other four blogs, so it should represent those sites. I did post a few weekly writing strategies, but found it’s too similar to Quips & Tips for Successful Writers.

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So, now I”m playing with the idea of rounding up my most popular blog posts about topics ranging from love to successful freelance writing. Or, a weekly roundup of all the posts I published on my blogs.

Or maybe I should do a round up of my most recent articles on all my blogs…sort of a “snapshot of my week.” Above all, I want this website to be helpful to my readers!

What do you think? If you have any thoughts about this website or what you’d like to see, please share below! And — I’d love to hear about what you do on your website or blog…what works for you?

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