Picture This When You’re Lonely — Blossom Tip 21

How do you cope with feelings of loneliness? I’ve received a few comments from readers who are feeling a bit blue these days. February is the depths of winter for many of us…and Valentine’s Day can be hard.

Here are two ways I flow through my lonely moments: Tiffy and Blossy!


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Tiffy & Blossy

If dogs and drawing aren’t your thing, what is? Find it. Practice it. Let it help you through the dark lonely days.

Below, I share another thing that helps me though lonely bouts. I call it “Picture This”! But first, here’s what I wrote this week (in addition to working on my first book, Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back! Exciting news about that coming soon :-) ).

This week on She Blossoms

I wrote The First Valentine’s Day After Your Husband’s Death for a widow who is struggling with the approaching “most romantic day of the year.” It’s a really hard day for many people, isn’t it? You may find the article helpful if you, too, struggle on February 14.

In 3 Ways to Stop Feeling Lost Without a Relationship I offer a few tips for renewing your life after a breakup or any type of relationship loss. You don’t just miss the person’s physical presence, do you? You miss the feeling of having that relationship in your life. You miss the emotional stability, physical security, and familiarity of knowing your partner or best friend was there.

Picture This When You’re Lonely

My imagination takes me to Galilee 2,000 years ago. I’m a little girl playing with wood blocks on the floor of a warm, exuberant Jewish home. It’s Friday after sunset; family and friends are gathered for Shabbat. A fire crackles in the fireplace, and every inch of the long, low table is crammed with dishes of olives, hummus, fish, veggies, bread and wine. Often, someone — usually Peter — raises his goblet and shouts L’Chaim! To life!

Tonight Jesus is reclining between John and Mary of Magda, dipping pita bread in hummus. He takes a big bite as He laughs at John’s tale of the 140 pound tilapia that flipped the boat and escaped the net. Jesus’ eyes linger over the people at the table — and He sees me. Maybe He remembers me from before, when He called me over but I was too shy. This time, I promise myself, I’ll go if He beckons.

Will You Go Nose-to-Nose With Jesus?

Imagine yourself in this boisterous Jewish home. You smell smoked fish, feel the warm fire, hear joyful prayer and laughter. Jesus is celebrating Shabbat, relaxed and happy. He’s with people He loves — and you’re one of them. He sees you and His face lights up! He waves you over. As you slowly draw near, He reaches out and pulls you towards him. You climb onto His lap and find yourself nose-to-nose with Jesus.

Notice His brown eyes, curly black hair and beard. He’s got deep lines around His eyes and mouth, etched by the desert sun and gusty sea. Put the palms of your hands on either side of His face and squeeze a little. Jesus with a fish mouth! He laughs, and your body relaxes against His. You put your small arms around His neck and hug him. You feel the warmth of His neck and hear the sound of His breath. Your heart beats with His. Everything fades into the background as your eyes close and you rest. You’re glad you came when He called.

My friend, when you feel lonely take a few minutes to go nose-to-nose with Jesus. Look at Him, rest in His arms, and feel His loving gaze on you. You may feel lonely, but you are not alone.

With His love,



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