The Best Way to Blossom in a Hailstorm

“I’d love to start my own business or even a blog,” sighed my friend Beth. “But I just don’t have your self-discipline or time. By the time I get home from work, walk the dog, feed Brianna, and get ready for tomorrow…I have no motivation to do anything, much less […]

how to blossom hailstorm

How to Blossom Like a Red Lobster in a Medieval Court

Have you heard of Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear? She’s the author of Eat Pray Love, which you may have read. Or watched on the big screen, or heard people rave about. Here’s one of my favorite stories from Big Magic – it’s about Blossoming even […]

Blossoming Like a Red Lobster in Court

How to Blossom When You’re Knee-Deep in Dirt

I love that we’re living in a tangled garden of wild flowers – SheBlossoms! But there is one difference between us and the sunflowers, roses, daises, and petunias that grow all around us…and that difference is choice. You and I have the choice to Blossom, regardless of our circumstances. Sometimes […]

How to Choose to Blossom Through Dirt

How Find God’s Will for Your Life – and Blossom! 1

Should you quit your job, leave a relationship, or move to a new city? What is God’s will for your life – and how will He direct and guide you? What signs will He give you, what doors will He open, where does He want your life to go? Big […]

how to find gods will

It’s Your Time to Blossom

What an amazing group of women make up my SheBlossoms email list! If you’re not part of my group, just sign up at the bottom of this post. Or, enter your name and email in the big purple box in the sidebar 🙂 I recently emailed everyone individually about a new […]

your time to blossom

How to Use Food to Help You Blossom

What are your favorite foods? More importantly – how does your body feel after you eat? My favorite foods are: Cilantro salsa (my husband’s secret recipe) My special lunch, which I’ve been eating every day for at least 2 years (as described in A Simple, No-Cook Ulcerative Colitis “Diet Plan”) […]

How to Use Food to Help You Blossom

Blossoming When You Feel Self-Conscious

“What are they thinking of me? Do I have something in my teeth? Am I too short for this skirt, too Jewish for this school?” Self-consciousness isn’t just painful, it prevents us from doing a good job. The more self-conscious we are, the worse we perform because we aren’t connected […]

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