How to Hold on to Hope  – Blossom Tip 46

What are you hoping for today? Maybe you’re hoping for physical healing for your bad back, painful migraines, or constant fatigue. Maybe you’re hoping for emotional healing for your broken heart, depression, or anxiety. Maybe you’re hoping for spiritual healing for yourself, a family member, or your country. Maybe you’re hoping for courage, strength, and […]

Holding on to Hope Blossom Tip 46

Keep Your Chin Up She Blossoms Blossom Tip 45

Keep Your Chin Up – Blossom Tip 45

I used to think the advice “keep your chin up” was a bad idea. You’ll fall down because you can’t see where you’re going! Or you get punched in the chin, or worse. Your neck is exposed when your chin is up. That’s a very vulnerable part of your body. Then I heard from a […]

When God Closes the Door – Blossom Tip 44

Sometimes God doesn’t just close a door, He seals all the windows and draws all the curtains. I’m in Minneapolis for a meeting with my publisher about Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back (my first book, to be released in the New Year). I decided to spend a few extra days here, wandering the […]

God closes a door Blossom Tip 44

when you were rejected she blossom tips

When You Are Rejected – Blossom Tip 43

Have you ever asked someone for something, and been denied? Or outright mocked and rejected? Boy, does it hurt. But sometimes the most painful rejections are blessings in disguise.   When she was rejected My favorite story last week was from one of our She Blossoms readers. She’s a recent widow who didn’t realize how […]

You Are Not Alone – Blossom Tip 42

Last week someone I love died. Ralph was a kind-hearted, joyful, compassionate old soul – he and his wife Dorothy took me to church every Sunday when I lived in Africa. He was like my grandpa, yet he was also the principal of the school I taught at. He was encouraging, accepting and comforting, yet […]

Heart She Blossoms Tip

Heart She Blossoms Tip 7 Acceptance

The “A” Word – Blossom Tip 41

Our theme on She Blossoms this week is acceptance. What are you struggling to accept in your life? Maybe it’s a season that seems never ending, a hurt that isn’t healing, a decision you just can’t live with. Maybe somebody you love left you, a wound reopened, a dream died. It happened, and it’s hard. But you’re still […]

Alarm Yourself – Blossom Tip 40 

“Be careful what you wish for — you might get it” isn’t just a cliché. It’s a warning for people who pray, too! I recently discovered the downside of answered prayers: not having the tools or wisdom to handle the blessing. It’s like receiving a magnificent harvest of luscious purple grapes. What do you do […]

She Blossoms Tip 40