4 Keys to Healing Your Brokenness – Blossom Tip 54

May you never know the agony of a broken shoulder and orthopedic surgery. Thankfully it was my left arm; I am typing with two hands and my right is doing the heavy lifting, but my jaw is clenched. My left arm will have lots to say about this foolishness later. But I have to tell you something! Four somethings, in fact. […]

My Broken Arm and New Tattoo

While running this morning, I tripped on a crack in the sidewalk and slammed shoulder-first into the pavement! Hurt like heck; my hubby drove me to the emergency room and I’m slated for orthopedic surgery tomorrow morning. So this week’s Blossom Tip is different than usual. But it’s fun because I’m sharing two short, sweet videos of me and Ruach 🙂 I got a tattoo while […]