Which Do You Prefer? Blossom Tip 14

Your opinion matters more than you know! Last week (Open Doors – Blossom Tip 13), I mentioned that I’m writing a book to help women walk out of loss, into a new season of life. I’m stuck on a title, and I need your help. Imagine you’re in a bookstore, looking for a book to help heal your heart and […]

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Believe in Open Doors – Blossom Tip 3

Believe in Open Doors – Blossom Tip 13

When was the last time a door opened in your life? Did you leap through it, or hold back because it was kinda scary? “Open Doors” is one of the Big Ideas in Chapter 5 of my new “She Blossoms” book, tentatively called Rise: How to Move Forward When Your Heart Keeps Looking Back. (Which reminds me, I keep meaning to […]

Your Secrets – Blossom Tip 12

Before we spill our secrets, here’s a glimpse of the latest Blossoms: In How to Recreate Yourself When a Relationship Ends, I share tips for a reader who asked for help moving on after her ex-boyfriend announced his engagement to someone else. Breakups are never easy…but sometimes they’re an opportunity for renewal. Speaking of renewal – it was an eye-opener to […]

Your Secrets Blossom Tip 12

You Matter More Than You Know Blossom Tip 11

You Matter More Than You Know – Blossom Tip 11

Your presence makes such a difference! You matter to your family and friends, you matter at work and in your community, and you matter to me. I can’t see you, but I wrote this for you. See how much you matter? Your life is more important than you realize. And you matter to God. He not only sees you, He knows your name. He knew […]

Your Attitude – Blossom Tip 10

When was the last time you took care of a sick pet? My little white 7 pound poodle is having tummy and bummy troubles. Not only is she refusing to eat her regular doggy kibble, she’s having all sorts of distasteful accidents in all the nooks and crannies of my house. This cramps my style. I’m distracted by anxiety (should I take […]

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The Promise – Blossom Tip 9

Promises, promises… The smell of baking bread brings the promise of a hot fresh loaf with a pat of melting butter (and perhaps a sprinkle of salt!). The feel of a puppy’s tongue and sharp little baby teeth brings the promise of play, joy, innocence, and a wee wee in the wrong place at the wrong time. The sight of the […]

The Ghosts That Haunt You – Blossom Tip 8

Halloween isn’t celebrated in Israel, so I missed the “Trick or Treaters” and cute costumes this October! What I didn’t miss, however, were the ghosts, ghouls and grim goblins that seem to be getting darker and scarier every year. Or maybe I’m just getting old 🙂 But I did get an interesting little Halloween message this morning. While running through my dark neighborhood, I saw a […]

Ghosts That Haunt You

How To Be Free Blossom Tips

How To Be Free – Blossom Tip 7

Just for today, what if you accepted everything that happens not with a sigh, but with a song? That, my friend, is the secret to freedom: flowing with the events of life instead of fussing, fighting, or freaking out.   Singing – not Sighing – in Israel We arrived at our Eilat hotel hot, weary, and thirsty. We’d gotten up at […]

When You Lose Your Way – Blossom Tip 6

I’ve been exploring Jerusalem, the Sea of Galilee, the Mount of Beatitudes, the Jordan River and other parts of Israel for a week. Have you been here? Even if you haven’t visited Israel, you’ve probably traveled. And if you’ve traveled, you’ve lost your way! We lost our way yesterday, traveling from Tiberias to Haifa. We also lost our way the […]

When You Lose Your Way – Blossom Tip 6