New on Quips and Tips – Hiring a Webmaster and Getting Pregnant

My newest Quips and Tips articles range from signs that it’s time to invest in your writing career (hire a Webmaster!) to tips for getting pregnant with dairy products. I also posted a several Christmas articles – mostly about saving money and making shopping easier.

And, I’m happy to report that I sent my book proposal to my agent and my writer’s group! Phew – such a load off – I can’t imagine what it’ll feel like to send a draft of my book to the publisher after months of researching, writing, and editing…

I also had my hubby make a blog button for “The Adventurous Writer”, which I’ll be posting on all my Quips and Tips blogs. Love being married to a true Renaissance Man – he fixes the plumbing and creates works of art. Thank you, Bruce!

Okay, here’s a roundup of my latest articles on Quips and Tips, See Jane Soar, and Psychology at Suite101…


New Articles on Quips & Tips for Successful Writers

How to Write an Article– because this week, I hired Lou K. to speed up all my Quips and Tips blogs (they were limping along, according to Google’s Speed Analysis Tool).

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How to Become a Better Writer – an Artistic Perspective– for writers, bloggers, and poets who wish they had more time in the day…or wish they earned more money from their writing!


New Articles on Quips & Tips for Achieving Your Goals

How to Let Go of Someone You Love – a guest post from “the Money Couple”, about making your Christmas shopping list and sticking to your budget goals for the holidays.

Teaching Kids about Money at Christmas – Tips for Parents – another guest post, from Karyn Hodgens of KidSave. Yikes, it looks like I didn’t write anything for “Goals” this week!


New Articles on Quips & Tips for Couples Coping With Infertility

5 Quick Tips for Getting Pregnant – covers the basics of charting your ovulation and staying healthy so you can get pregnant quickly.

The Law of Attraction and Tips on Getting Pregnant – because your thoughts become reality! How to apply the law of attraction to starting your family…


New Articles on Quips & Tips for Spiritual Seekers

Tips for Spiritual Health – written by my blog partner Gini Grey, this article describes how to get and stay spiritually grounded.

Beat Winter Blues and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) With Self-Awareness and Practical Treatment – phew, what a mouthful! It’s a joint blog post, with about 20 ways to beat the winter blues.

Tips for Searching the Internet for Spirituality – because new research shows that people who search for spirituality online are increasing (in number, not girth!). This article offers tips on finding the most helpful spiritual advice online.


New Articles on See Jane Soar

How to Find the Strength to Leave a Bad Relationship – Gloria Steinem – because a reader asked how to leave her boyfriend, who is emotionally and physically abusing her. Sad. What a jerk!

5 Habits of a Healthy Marriage – Erma Bombeck – for couples who want to pizzazz up their marital life and strengthen their love relationship…


New Articles on Psychology Suite101 

Inexpensive Christmas Presents for Lovers – because part of saying “I love you” at Christmas is finding the perfect gift for your sweetie. 🙂


Laurie's "She Blossoms" Books

growing forward book laurie pawlik she blossoms
Growing Forward When You Can't Go Back offers hope, encouragement, and strength for women walking through loss. My Blossom Tips are fresh and practical - they stem from my own experiences with a schizophrenic mother, foster homes, a devastating family estrangement, and infertility.

letting go book laurie pawlik she blossoms

How to Let Go of Someone You Love: Powerful Secrets (and Practical Tips!) for Healing Your Heart is filled with comforting and healthy breakup advice. The Blossom Tips will help you loosen unhealthy attachments to the past, seal your heart with peace, and move forward with joy.

miss him book laurie pawlik she blossoms
When You Miss Him Like Crazy: 25 Lessons to Move You From Broken to Blossoming After a Breakup will help you refocus your life, re-create yourself, and start living fully again! Your spirit will rise and you'll blossom into who you were created to be.

That’s it for this week, my friends. If you have any questions, comments, or jokes, please share below…

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