New on Quips and Tips – Breast Cancer, Author Interviews, Email Signatures

Recent Quips and Tips articles include helping friends who have breast cancer, improving your interview skills, and jazzing up your email signature. I’m excited to include Quips and Tips for Spiritual Seekers – my newest blog – for the first time in my roundup of articles!

I’ve been slogging my way through working on and enjoying a book proposal for the Quips and Tips series.  😉  It’s tough work, pulling together a book proposal, especially when there’s no guarantee your book will ever hit the shelves. But I’m trying to enjoy the process and not get hung up on the “what if this is all a big fat waste of time?” stumbling block.

If you have any words of advice or encouragement for me, I welcome your comments below! And now, here’s a roundup of my latest articles on Quips and Tips, See Jane Soar, and Psychology at Suite101…


New Articles on Quips & Tips for Successful Writers

10 Highest Paying Jobs for College Students – a guest post by Lynn Goodwin, author of Journaling for Caregivers. Her experience being interviewed will help aspiring authors.

5 Stages of Leaving an Abusive Relationship– because I was looking for different ways to share who I am and what I do in my email signature line.

5 Reasons In Vitro Fertilization Fails to Result in Pregnancy– an article I’ve been meaning to write for ages, for writers who haven’t heard of the term “evergreen articles.”

Freelance Writing Pay Rates – How Much Do Writers Charge?– a guest post from Susan Johnston, of the Urban Muse. Sparked lots of comments!


New Articles on Quips & Tips for Achieving Your Goals

Benefits of Not Wearing Underwear – A Surprising Health Tip – because introverted personality traits is one of my favorite things to write about!

10 Things to Talk About With Your Girlfriend– for busy people who forget to eat (I could never understand that…I love to eat and wouldn’t dream of missing a meal).

10 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy From a Nurse Midwife– because so many readers for advice on trusting their partner after infidelity. It’s possible to rebuild your marriage after a betrayal, but it’s difficult.

Examples of Good Writing From Published Writers– to add a little spice to your marriage or love relationship!


New Articles on Quips & Tips for Couples Coping With Infertility

Stress and Infertility – Ways to Reduce Anxiety to Increase Fertility – a guest post from an Acupuncturist who specializes in improving fertility levels. Lots of helpful tips for relaxing and letting go of the little things.

Dairy and Fertility – How Milk, Cheese, Yogurt Affects Getting Pregnant – because I didn’t know that dairy affects fertility! If you’re trying to get pregnant, drink whole milk.

Physical Fitness and Fertility – How Exercise Affects Conceiving a Baby – new research confirms that too much exercise can increase infertility levels (no big surprise, I guess).


New Articles on Quips & Tips for Spiritual Seekers

A Creative Christmas Gift for Family and Friends – Poetry – a unique spin on Christmas gift giving! This article on giving poetry was written by poet, published author, and poet Sage Cohen – she also offers tips on coming up with ideas to write about.

The Power of Praying With Your Husband or Wife – because my husband and I started praying together almost five years ago, and it’s improved our marriage. There is power in prayer. 

Survive Christmas Holiday Stress with a Positive Attitude – written by my blog partner Gini Grey, this article offers tips for de-stressing and thriving over the holidays – not just surviving!


New Articles on See Jane Soar

5 Ways to Help a Friend With Breast Cancer – Suzanne Somers – because a close friend of mine was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Scary, but she’s a survivor!

How to Find a Good Boyfriend Who Will Be a Loving Husband – a reader asked how to find a good man, and I wanted to give her as complete an answer as possible. This is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make…

6 Ways to Retain a Sense of Self When You’re in Love – Susan B. Anthony – because women (and some men) can lose themselves in their love relationships.

10 Tips for Teaching Kids About Money – Women and Co – a guest post by the financial experts at Women & Co – great tips, whether your kids are two or 22! (well, if they’re 22 it might be too late to teach them money skills).


New Articles on Psychology Suite101

How Much Do Family Therapists Make? – because my “How Much Do Psychologists Make” article is so popular, I wanted to give readers more info about the helping profession. 

How to Deal With Depression at Christmas – because so many people are coping with things like breast cancer, infertility, and mood disorders…and I want them to have a Merry Christmas anyway!


That’s it for November, my friends. 🙂

Feel free to ask me questions, tell me jokes, or make comments below…

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