New Articles – Halloween, Internet Affairs, and Challenge Tests

Here are this week’s new articles from The Adventurous Writer – and the Big News is that Quips & Tips for Successful Writers is now a Top 10 Writing Blog! Awesome. On my blogs this week, I’ve covered everything from Halloween to Clomiphene Challenge Tests – including networking tips for successful writers. Last week was What to Expect After You File for Divorce! and Thanksgiving.

First, here’s an interesting quip from How I Became a Successful Novelist (a work of fiction) by Steve Hely.

“The financial success of an author is inversely proportional to the literary worth of the book.” – Pete Tarslaw. 

Me, I’d rather be a financially successful writer than a literary author! Call me a hack if you’d like (and people do), but I’m paying my bills and going on adventurous vacations 🙂

Okay, here’s a roundup of my new articles…

New Articles on Quips & Tips for Successful Writers

New Articles on Quips & Tips for Achieving Your Goals

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New Articles on Quips & Tips for Couples Coping With Infertility

  • Having Trouble Conceiving? Basic Fertility Tests of an Infertility Workup – a round-up of the easiest fertility tests for couples coping with infertility.
  • Clomiphene Challenge Test – an Infertility Test for Women – my new fertility doctor recommended this important fertility test, which my two other fertility doctors never mentioned! 

New Articles on See Jane Soar

  • Online Relationships – How to Survive an Internet Affair – because so many readers are coping with emotional affairs and infidelity; this article is based on a male reader’s question (he cheated on his wife and wants to make it up to her) and a female reader’s response (her husband cheated on her).
  • Healing Female Friendships – Michelle Obama – female friendships are so important for our emotional and physical health, and I always feel guilty for not maintaining my female friendships better… 

New Article on Psychology Suite101

  • New Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease – interesting new research from the American Academy of Neurology found that poor money management skills can be indicative of future Alzheimer’s Disease. 

What I’m Reading This Week – Book Recommendation

It’s been fun reading How I Became a Successful Novelist by Steve Hely – probably because I want to be a successful writer! Also, because it’s full of quirky characters and historical info about published writers. For instance…

“American novelist Amy Abbot McNicholas found writing so difficult that each morning she had her servant lock up all the chamber pots in the house, and keep them locked up until she was presented by her mistress with ten pages of prose. McNicholas died at 48 of a bladder infection.”

Click the book cover to go to Amazon for more info, and have a great week!

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