New Articles – Blog Partnerships and Relationship Breakups

Here are this week’s new articles from The Adventurous Writer; topics include starting blog partnerships, getting over relationship breakup guilt, caregiving elderly parents – and more! Last week’s new articles included How to Emotionally Detach From Someone You Care About.

First, a word about how to read for writers:

“Read! Read! Read! And then read some more. When you find something that thrills you, take it apart paragraph by paragraph, line by line, word by word, to see what made it so wonderful. Then use those tricks the next time you write.”  ~ W.P. Kinsella

I vow to do this the next time I read something I love — and I challenge you to do the same! Okay, here’s a roundup of my new articles on my Quips and Tips blogs, See Jane Soar, and more…

New Articles 

Examples of Good Writing From Published Writers – because I’m starting a new “Quips and Tips” blog with a partner, which is new territory for me (and her!).

Reasons You Can’t Get Pregnant – A Fertility Checklist – a guest blog post from a fellow writer, about why she’s addicted to writing for Suite 101..

How to Understand the Results of Your Semen Analysis – a guest post from Susan Johnston of The Urban Muse, which is surprisingly popular.

New Articles on Life Blossoms

10 Thoughtful Gifts for College Students– because a reader asked what she should do about her boyfriend’s parents, who aren’t thrilled with the relationship.

10 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy From a Nurse Midwife– a guest post from author and former caregiver B. Lynn Goodwin, author of You Want Me To Do WHAT? – Journaling for Caregivers.

How to Make Your Hair Grow – From Biotin to Bear Grease– a guest post from, about selling your home at a loss. Ouch.

10 Things to Talk About With Your Girlfriend – because I’m writing a series of caregiving articles for, and have too much excellent information!

The Best Workout DVDs – 10 Minute Solutions Exercise Videos – because I love, love, love working out to the 10 Minute Solutions DVDs. They work.  


New Love Blossoms

10 Reasons Breaking Up is Hard to Do – for my readers who ask me why leaving an unhealthy relationship is so hard.

5 Best Ways to Get Relationship Advice – because I don’t believe in giving advice. I barely know what’s best for me, much less what’s best for you!

How to Write Better – Make a Heart Map – for all of us who want to write more deeply, meaningfully, and openly.

Past Blossom Newsletters

May you experience RATS! Reckless Abandon, Total Surrender to the things you can’t change…and may you be filled with wisdom, faith, and courage to change the things you can.


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