2 Lessons From a Wilted Blossom

Two months ago, I told you about my friend Sharon (Blossoming When Times Are Tough). She was fighting cancer and ALS, and I asked for ideas on how to support her.

Sharon passed away two months – to the day – after I wrote that newsletter.

Lessons From a Wilted Blossom

Lessons From a Wilted Blossom

She was 56 years old. As her obituary said, “as soon as she was born, she hit the ground running.” Her life was like a shooting star blazing across the night sky, taking our breath away with her spirit and energy.

A good heart has stopped beating, a beautiful soul ascended to heaven.

Lessons From a Wilted Blossom

From her death, I learned:

We have a far deeper and greater effect on people than we realize

Sharon and I never had coffee or dinner together, though we kept saying we should go for a hike or have a glass of wine on her deck. She and I didn’t know each other’s birthdays or middle names, yet we were connected by our dogs, our similar personalities, our neighborhoods.

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Your presence in your family, at your job, in your community, and on the people around you is HUGE. Those little things that don’t seem like a big deal to you – stopping to say hello, sending a quick email to a friend, spending an hour with an elderly neighbor or family member – are far more important than you realize.

You will be missed when you are gone.

If you don’t act now, then when?

It’s later than you think. Whatever it is you’re scared to do, you must stop wasting precious time and energy! If you’re still surfing Facebook or flipping through reruns on TV or otherwise wasting your time instead of imagining, daring, and flourishing…stop it.

Do one thing every day that energizes and feeds your soul. Take risks. Learn from my wilted friend.

Sharon’s life is still Blossoming, even in death. And so will yours, for your impact is deeper and greater than you realize.





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