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Keep Your Chin Up – Blossom Tip 45

I used to think the advice “keep your chin up” was a bad idea. You’ll fall down because you can’t see where you’re going! Or you get punched in the chin, or worse. Your neck is exposed when your chin is up. That’s a very vulnerable part of your body.

Then I heard from a She Blossoms reader who told me one of my favorite stories of all time (which I share in When You Are Rejected – Blossom Tip 43). I told her to “keep her chin up, because that forces you to look at God.” Where that came from I don’t know, but I love it! Must’ve been the Holy Spirit. He’s the origin of the best thoughts.

I don’t know where the phrase “keep your chin up” comes from, I bet it’s a cool story. The dictionary definition is to “remain cheerful in difficult circumstances.” That is a tall order, isn’t it? Especially if you’re coping with a terrible disease, death, divorce, or depression.

You can’t just force yourself to remain cheerful in all circumstances. Not unless you’re superhuman, or inauthentic, or unable to face the truth. Life gets really hard and sad sometimes.

Life gets really good sometimes, too. More often than it gets bad! The bad times just seem worse and longer – and the deceiver likes to keep reminding us of the pain and problems. Jerk.


How I keep my chin up

Today I got two messages about foster care: one on Facebook and one via email. I was a foster kid growing up, and it was hard. All three of my foster homes were really good but no matter how sick or abusive your mom is, you just want to go home. Kids want to be with their parents, because there really is no place like home. Even when home is bad.

I kept my chin up by retreating into books. I remember learning how to read, and I spent my recesses and lunch hours in my kindergarten classroom’s jungle gym. I huddled in the corner and read everything I could haul up to that play place.

Back then I didn’t know that keeping my chin up meant doing things that helped me take care of myself. I wasn’t exactly cheerful, but I found ways to give myself what I needed. This got me through the worst of my childhood, which is all I needed to do at that time.

Today, self-care isn’t just a healthy way to keep my chin up, it’s how I stay joyful! This means sleeping the night through instead of worrying, getting heart-pumping exercise and even sweating every day, eating foods that fill me with energy and life.

Keeping my chin up also means looking at God all the time, even when I’m driving. When I feel scared, sad, and anxious I take a deep breath and ask focus my thoughts on Jesus. I check in with my heart, and I invite Ruach in (Ruach is a Hebrew word for wind or spirit, I call the Holy Spirit Ruach because it gives us a more personal relationship).


How do you keep your chin up? 

If you’ve never experienced anything tough, then you don’t know how to keep your chin up. I suspect, however, that you have experienced a difficult time. You might even be going through the worst time in your life right now.

Keep Your Chin Up She Blossoms Blossom Tip 45I won’t tell you how to keep your chin up, because I don’t know what works for you. But I will encourage you to look at Jesus. That’s all. Take a deep breath, open your heart, and let God in. He won’t punch you in the chin…and if you trip and fall, He’ll pick you up.

How are you keeping your chin up? I’d love to hear your thoughts and tips.

By the way, I drew Blossy in all her purple splendor on Lesson 23 in a book by Regina Brett called God Never Blinks: 50 Lessons for Life’s Little Detours. Love that book! And not just because Blossy’s now alive in it.

With love,

Laurie & Blossy

P.S. My first book, Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Backis available for preorder, can you believe it? I can’t. It won’t be in bookstores until December – and in fact I’m proofing the final copy today – but it’s already on Amazon. Who woulda thunk?


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3 thoughts on “Keep Your Chin Up – Blossom Tip 45”

  1. So need inspiration to act on what is in my heart and not what others want me to do. How to overcome the fear of what others think of me if I make decisions that they think are wrong and not in my best interest?

    1. What a great question, Kathy Marie! I’m sorry you’re struggling with it – but it is an incredibly important topic to work through. I’ll write a blog post tomorrow, and share the link here. I don’t have all the answers, but I can share what works for me.