How to Use Food to Help You Blossom

What are your favorite foods? More importantly – how does your body feel after you eat?

My favorite foods are:

How to Use Food to Help You Blossom

  • Cilantro salsa (my husband’s secret recipe)
  • My special lunch, which I’ve been eating every day for at least 2 years (as described in A Simple, No-Cook Ulcerative Colitis “Diet Plan”)
  • My special dinner salad (which I also describe in my Ulcerative Colitis Diet Plan)
  • Incredibly ripe mangos and pineapples
  • A giant yellow bowl of hot buttered popcorn with salt and a few prunes
  • Sushi from Yuko Maki in North Vancouver (delicious, cheap, and exactly the right amount)
  • Black Jack Cherry Chocolate Ice Cream
  • Pull ’n Peel red licorice
  • Cocoa
  • Hot coffee with soy milk and sugar
  • A cold glass of crisp pink zinfandel or rich red glass of pinot noir

I eat almost everything on this list almost every single day. I rarely vary my diet, unless I have people over for dinner or go out to eat. I’ve found that this saves me so much time – I don’t spend any time looking up recipes, deciding what to cook, or even cooking! I love it.

More importantly, I’m learning how to tune into my body after I eat. How does food make me feel?

How do you feel after you eat?

After I eat everything except for two things on my list of favorite foods, I feel:

  • Energized
  • Light
  • Happy
  • Awake
  • Slim
  • Satisfied

In short (and I always feel short because I’m only five feet tall), I feel great after I eat! But it took me a long, long time to learn this. Four decades, in fact. I’m 46 and I’m finally making the connection between how my body feels physically and emotionally after I eat food. This is a huge breakthrough for me because of the years I struggled with out of control binge eating.

As a result, I’ve lost 20 pounds. It just fell off me! I’m actually thinner than I’d like to be – which is something I never thought I’d say. My butt is flat like bannock and my hip, chest, and rib bones are visible. I’m not a skeleton – and I’m definitely not anorexic – but I could gain a pound or two.

But I suspect I won’t gain much weight because I’m learning how to eat foods that make me feel good, energized, light, and happy. Those foods don’t make people gain weight.

How does food affect your body, mood, and self-image?

Last night I ate a couple scoops of Black Jack Cherry Chocolate ice cream. It’s my favorite ice cream, except for the chocolate ice cream I ate in Croatia that was so dark it was black. I loved eating my bowl of Black Jack, but afterward I was bloated and uncomfortable (I think I’m lactose intolerant). I was also tired and heavy because of the sugar rise and fall.

So guess what? That will be one of the last times I eat Black Jack Cherry Chocolate ice cream.

How I feel after eating is becoming much more important to me than the taste of the food itself.

My one exception is the Pull ‘n Peel. I don’t feel light, energized, or good after I eat three of them. So I’m trying to just eat one at a time, but it ain’t easy.

Do you struggle with your weight, or with emotional eating? I did for most of my life – but not anymore. Diets aren’t the answer. For me, the only solution was to take time to think about how my body and spirit feels after I eat. And then I do my best to stop eating foods that make me feel gross.

If you could change one thing overnight about your eating habits, what would it be?




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May you fortify your mind, body, soul and spirit with food that nourishes and sustains you.


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