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How to Make Tomorrow Better – Blossom Tip 20

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This week, Blossy and I are thinking about things that will benefit us tomorrow, or next week, or even next year. “Do something today that your future self will thank you for,” says Blossy — and I agree :-)


How to Make Tomorrow Better - She Blossom Tips



We don’t know what tomorrow holds. Sometimes we can barely hold today together, much less tomorrow or next week. Even so, we can still do something little today that will make tomorrow easier, smoother, more peaceful.

Little things count. For example, I sleep in my running clothes. I’ve found this makes it so much easier to hit the pavement at 5:30 am every morning! It’s a little thing that bleary-eyed Morning Me really appreciates.

Big things count, too. I have a writing schedule for both my first book — Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back — and my blog posts. And for you, my dear She Blossoms readers! Sometimes it’s hard to show up and write, especially when I don’t know how it’ll be received. I have no idea what you’re thinking right now, or how my blog readers will respond. But I stick to my schedule…and at the end of the day I feel great and grateful.

And ultimately, it doesn’t matter what people say or think about me – because it’s not about me. It’s about doing what God is calling me to do, sharing what I have in my head and heart, and using every precious minute I’m given.

What can you do today — big or little — that will make Tomorrow You happier and healthier? Maybe it’s chopping up extra fruit and veggies while you’re making dinner, so you can have healthy snacks tomorrow. Maybe it’s scheduling alerts on your phone to remind you to call the doctor tomorrow, take the car in next week, or look into college classes for next year.

Remember that those little steps toward spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health make a big difference! They add up, and can take you farther than you ever thought possible.

This week on the She Blossoms blog…

In How to Cope With Your Fear of the Unknown, I share a few thoughts for a reader whose husband is alive and well…but she is panicked at the thought of his death. They don’t have children or many friends, and she’s dreading the day he leaves her.

“I, too, am facing fear of the unknown,” says Sandy in our She Blossoms Facebook group. “I’m having surgery for breast cancer. I’m learning to let go of what I cannot control, count all of my blessings, focus on the good, and trust that all in this world is far beyond we will ever truly know.”

And, I wrote When You Want to Believe He Can’t Live Without You for a reader wants her ex-boyfriend to be filled with regret over the breakup. This article includes tips from readers who believed their relationships were the most important things in their lives…until the breakup. Then, they learned a new way to live. They moved on and let go of the past. Love it!

My friend, may you do something today to make tomorrow better. And may you see God’s face shining brightly on you — regardless of what unfolds in your life today or tomorrow.




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