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How to Blossom When You’re Wounded

  • Laurie 

When I stretch my arm slightly too far, the skin on my inner wrist feels like it’s ripping apart.

My arm looks perfectly normal, but my skin feels numb and raw. It hurts to write, type, play my flute, do yoga, and walk my dogs – all of my favorite things! I think it’s nerve damage because of all the things I’ve been asking my right hand to do.

We’re all wounded in some way, aren’t we?

Some wounds are visible: a broken leg, an eye patch, a jaw wired shut. Other wounds are invisible, such as grief, disappointment, betrayal, loss. The sliver in my heart left by my grandmother’s death, the sadness I always feel when I see a newborn baby or a pregnant woman (my husband and I can’t have children).

How do we heal? By caring for our wounds.

Nurse your wounds

I thought of the phrase “lick your wounds” this morning while I was putting on an arm splint so I could walk my dogs. When Georgie and Tiffy unexpectedly yank my arm backwards or sideways, my skin feels like it’s being ripped apart. The splint offers support and protection. I guess it’s how I’m licking my wounded arm.

"Under the Palm Tree" by The Adventurous Artist

“Under the Palm Tree” by The Adventurous Artist

Animals lick their wounds to promote healing and recovery. It’s comforting to nurture and nurse your wounded parts, isn’t it? Taking care of our wounds is how we heal. We may never experience 100% recovery – for instance, I’ll never fully get over my grandma’s death – but if we nurse our wounds carefully, we will become strong enough to march forward boldly and joyfully.

We can blossom despite our wounds if we have courage to heal.

If your creativity and sense of adventure has been dampened because of your wounds, read How to Be Creative Without Fear of Criticism. Tapping into your creativity and imagination is a wonderful way to lick your wounds and heal – and it’s much more fun than talking to a counselor!

Take time to care for yourself. Pay attention to your wounds, for they may become your greatest strengths. Nurture your sense that there is Something Greater than this. Develop your faith. Pray.

Blessings and Blossoms,


The Adventurous Artist

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