How to Blossom When You Feel Beaten

When God created you, He called all the angels over to watch.

“Look!” He said. “I’m making this wonderful creature exactly the way I want her to be. She’s amazing! Her eyes, her hair, her shape, her height, her skin are perfectly formed. See her creativity, intellect, passions, personality, skills, desires, and even her quirks? That’s her perfect essence. Look at how bright her spirit is, how beautiful her soul. See her sparkle! She is the only one of her kind, and I love her so much.”

Then God paused. His brow creased and his shoulders slumped.

The angels leaned even closer. Why was God suddenly sad?

I’m sending her out into the world,” He said softly. “She will suffer. She will lose her innocence. She will cry, and she may even lose her sparkle. If she lets it, the world will dampen her spirit and dim her light.”

The angels’ wings drooped. Their heads dipped. Why would God create this beautiful child, and let her suffer?

How to Blossom When You Feel Beaten

How to Blossom When You Feel Beaten

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“I love her more than she knows,” God said, “but I can’t keep her here. I can’t shield her from the world. She must be my warrior princess. She has to venture out into the world explore new territories. That is the only way she will become strong, courageous, and compassionate. She will suffer, but she knows she can reach out to us whenever she wants. My spirit will always be buried in her heart, mind, and soul.”

God turned to the angels. “If she remembers who she is right at this moment, if she holds tight to the child I created her to be, she will never lose her sparkle. She will return to us even more perfect than she is now, for she will have blossomed.”

After He created you, God sent you to be here at this exact time and place. He and those very same angels are still lovingly watching every breath you take.

Take a deep breath, square your shoulders, and prepare to take the next step. You are not alone.

Blossoms and blessings,



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