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How to Blossom in the Rockies

Every Christmas, Bruce and I drive through the Rocky Mountains. We go from Vancouver (where we live) to Edmonton (where his parents and my two closest friends live).

And every year I vow to never, ever do it again! It’s the Rocky Mountains in the middle of winter. Many of the roads are packed with snow and ice, there are always at least four trucks or cars in the ditch – in various degrees of crash, burn, and horror – and I’m always fearful of accidentally zooming over a cliff or into a frozen waterfall.

Except for this year. This year was awesome.

Why? Not because the roads were dry and clear. Not because it didn’t rain or blizzard. Not because I listened to fascinating podcasts about blogging and productive living.

I was awesome because I simply accepted my fate.

How acceptance helps us Blossom

As Bruce was driving over those snow-packed roads and past the accident scenes with upside-down trucks, I accepted that at any moment we could be spinning out of control. I don’t know what happens to the contents of a CRV filled with suitcases, dogs, people, coffee mugs, and bags of food when it rolls over or hits the ditch…but I suspect it isn’t pretty.

blossoming in the rockies

How to Blossom in Your Rockies

I accepted that whatever was going to happen would happen. It wouldn’t matter one bit whether I was anxious, scared, and filled with the terrible stress hormone cortisol – or whether I was peaceful, confident of God’s presence no matter what, and happily engrossed in my podcast.

There is no point in spending my last minutes or hours feeling scared and anxious. Why would I do that to myself? Why would I allow the stress and fear to fill my mind, body, and soul when I could choose joy and peace instead?

My worry, fear, and anxiety does not change the outcome.

So instead of allowing ugly fear to flood my body, I chose to focus on the beauty of the snow on the high up on the Rocky Mountains, wonder of the frozen waterfalls right along the side of the highway, and the freedom of not having to do anything but listen to podcasts and stare out the window. And, appreciate that my husband is so confident and willing to drive through the Rockies without fear!

What are your Rockies?

It’s coming, whatever it is. Maybe it’ll be a major life change, a health crisis, a family member’s death, or a job loss. Things happen to us no matter how strong our faith is, no matter how much we pray or love God.

But whatever is coming isn’t here right now.

Don’t let your fear of the unknown, your fear of a possible event or accident, dictate your current experience of life. When it happens, you will have the strength, courage, and faith you need to face it.

“We are all suffering, in small and universal ways,” said Meredith Bryan. “But not right now.”


On Blossom this week

Every week I write a Four-Day Series on a topic for women who want to make positive changes in life. This week, my theme is “starting a blog.”

Here’s the lineup – we’re halfway through the week:

Stay tuned; next week I’ll send links to all four blog posts.

If you have any questions, resources, blogs, books, ideas, or thoughts to share about women over 40, starting a blog, or Blossoming – please do comment on one of the posts or email me! I’d love to hear from you.

Blessings and Blossoms,


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