2 Happy Ways to Blossom

When was the last time you had a good laugh?

I wanted to tell you a hilarious joke or funny story today because even though I wrote about death last week and a scary trip through the Rockies the week before – there is a light side to Blossoming!

But I couldn’t think of anything funny to share. You know how it is: you’re wracking your brains trying to think of the last time you heard a good joke, and…nothing.

Then I remembered what happened yesterday, when I made at least two dozen old people laugh…

Surprised by dogs

I recently started volunteering at a residential care home for elderly people. I play my flute in the hallways and random gathering places, but I just didn’t feel like playing yesterday.

Happy Ways to Blossom

Tiff and Georgie: 2 Happy Ways to Blossom

So instead of my flute I took my dogs, Georgie and Tiffy, for an impromptu walk around the home. Awesome! The looks of surprise and happiness on those wrinkly old faces, the way they reached out and petted the dogs, the sounds of joy they made (thankfully it was the elderly people who made the joyful noises, not the dogs! I was a bit worried Georgie and Tiffy might voice their nervousness because it was their first time at the care home and it is a pretty serious place. But my dogs were rock stars. In a good way.).

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It was awesome. Not knee-slapping hilarious, but joyful.

Georgie and Tiffy were particularly blissed out when they were fed shortbread cookies and Breton crackers by one little old lady. I had to drag them out of her room. Literally. Lucky for me, dogs can’t dig their claws into smooth hospital floors the way they can in carpets. Or cement. (you should see the nail marks down our driveway, from when I force them to walk in the rain. You’d think I was dragging them through the fires of hell).

Surprised by art

The other awesome thing that happened yesterday was my Blossom art group.

Did you know I started a group for women to be creative together? We gather at my place every three weeks and work on our individual projects. The variety of arts and crafts last night was epic: we were sewing, mind mapping, coloring, painting, knitting, needle pointing, and cropping photos.

So even though I don’t have a hilarious story or funny joke to tell you…I think I have something better.

Two lighthearted tips for Blossoming:

1) Seek a long-lasting source of joy that you will remember even when can’t recall the last time you laughed out loud; and

2) Enjoy those little pockets of true joy in your life, for they are the source of true peace and happiness.

Blessings and Blossoms,


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