Growing Forward on Your Birthday — Blossom Tip 27

A few weeks ago — in Which Do You Prefer? Blossom Tip 14 — I asked you to vote on three possible titles for my upcoming book:

  • How to Move Forward When Your Heart Keeps Looking Back
  • When Time Doesn’t Heal: Creating a New Beginning From Your Ending
  • Blossom: Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back

The majority of you voted for the first title. The editor at my publishing house (Baker Publishing) decided on the third: Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts; I loved hearing from you. If you didn’t get the chance to vote, stay tuned. My next “book title competition” is coming soon. In the meantime, I’m finishing my Growing Forward manuscript and will submit it to the publisher next week. Woo hoo! And our first “She Blossoms” book will be published in January, 2019.

Thank you so much for being part of this She Blossoms blog! You made this book possible — and your presence matters more than you know.


A Blossom Tip for You

I get up at 4 a.m. every morning; recently, I noticed one of my secrets for getting out of bed before the roosters pry open their eyes (much less start cock-a-doodle-dooing!). My secret isn’t an alarm clock, strong hot coffee, or a wee doggy who has to be let out to piddle.

Growing Forward on Your Birthday — Blossom Tip 27

Blossy – She Blossoms Tip 27

My secret is to face outwards, to literally turn my body in the direction I want to go.

This is small yet surprisingly powerful: often I wake up before it’s time to get up, and I’ll roll over so I’m facing the edge of the bed. This simple change of direction helps me get out of bed at 4 a.m.. You would not believe how effective this is. When I’m facing inward, toward my husband, the simple act of turning over so I can get out of bed is an actual barrier. It’s an extra step that literally makes it harder to get up.

My friend, never underestimate the power of a tiny, seemingly inconsequential step. Those small barriers add up to big obstacles.

What is a small step you can take, to make a new habit or goal slightly easier to reach? Do not underestimate the power of something as little as facing the opposite direction.


A Birthday Question

I’m turning 48 years old next week! Give me a gift, and tell me how you spent your last birthday. What’d you do, where’d you go, and how’d you get there?

Or, tell me a story of the funnest, most memorable birthday you’ve had.

Or, share your plans for your next birthday! A Caribbean cruise, or home alone? At your favorite sushi restaurant with family, or winter camping with friends?


Birthdays On “She Blossoms” This Week

I decided to go with a birthday theme, and write for readers who aren’t having the happiest birthdays this year.

How to Have a Happy Birthday After Your Relationship Falls Apart – You may not be celebrating a happy birthday this year, but my tips for blossoming after a breakup will help. Whether your relationship recently ended or fell apart years ago, your birthday won’t be as bright or cheerful as it was when you were together…but it can still be good.

5 Tips for Surviving a Birthday When You Aren’t Happy – Written for a reader who commented:

“I’m turning 40 and experiencing my first birthday as a widow,” says Melanie on 12 Creative Ways to Celebrate and Honor Your 40th Birthday. “Grieving on your birthday changes everything. I feel undesirable, sad and lonely. My husband and I were married for 22 years and we celebrated his 40th birthday with a cruise to the Bahamas, five years ago. I am feeling so much sadness but he’s been gone for almost 10 months and it is better now. His absence is palpable but I’m also feeling a sense of accomplishment. I’m still here, and my life isn’t over yet! I know he’d want me to raise a glass to his life. My pieces are slowly coming together and I know I’ll survive this birthday. Thank you for letting me share!”

Whether it’s your birthday or an ordinary day, may you be surprised by bursts of sunshine, joy and peace around unexpected corners of your life.


Laurie & Blossy


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2 thoughts on “Growing Forward on Your Birthday — Blossom Tip 27”

  1. glad to =see your writing your new book. I too should write a book on my life.
    And your fortunate to have so many opportunities in line to be able to write a
    ” another” book. Your lucky to have a home your lucky to be smart where the internet is concerned ‘
    Your lucky top know so much information about dogs and sick dogs and about letting them go .
    Your on top of things in your life .
    I am jealous as now I am an old man who worked there rear off owning a once successful small landscape business
    and owning a gorgeous home , with financial security etc. and above all that having a wonderful beagle dog named MIkey.
    But, after having every thing stolen in my life for the past twenty years, I lost my business and my home and just last year
    I took my dog into a vet to have him checked and the next thing I remember they administered euthanasia when I said NO!
    I live in Atlanta, Georgia and Everything I worked for is now gone. Atlanta is a very very bad place and I am dying here.
    Why am I writing this to you? To be perfectly honest I really don’t know except that I am usually am a joyful, good, kind person
    to every body, except to myself. I hate it here and I can not afford to leave. I am old now , old school in knowledge, I have no one
    I can not seem to find any work here even though it seems like jobs are every where but because I am not qualified I can not
    find work. I lost my home and have been living in my old truck for years.
    I miss my beagle dog so much as I know I was robbed of him and every day the blame goes at me. I have no living relatives, no family
    no friends and no partner. My dog was all I had and he was stolen from me right before my very eyes. Atlanta is a very bad place. Its
    killing me to go on. I am a single, white 59 year old male . I am college educated in architectural design. But always have done landscape
    and a long time ago I did well but after so many years of theft at people stealing from my business and personal life, ITS REALLY BAD IN ATLANTA, I have been left to fend for myself now and have no reactionary defenses and money left.
    I do not have the computer knowledge to exist in this world.
    So, I wonder if you will ever personally see my message here as every thing is so computer email generated it probably will be swept
    under everything so I suppose I am just venting.
    AS with the name of your new book? The middle title to me is exactly what my life has entailed. If only I could afford to leave the south, atlanta, and go far away from here I know I would have a chance to SAVE MY LIFE. I used to travel a long time ago when I could afford
    to do so and I know that I would be able to find work , find a place to live and etc.
    Question …… DO you know of a way and a route of help that I could look for on the web to assist me in furthering this life.
    I am at a standstill and there is no hope.
    When time doesn’t heal: How to move forward to create a new ending .
    MIke! I miss you my wonderful beagle dog for you were taken too soon. I never got a chance to say good bye to you.
    I miss you more than life it self and for all the many years of your loyal trust and companionship , I am incredibly sorry to you and your spirit for how we together had ended. I love you always. Signed your dad. Dave

    1. Thanks for being here, Dave, and sharing part of your life. You sound like a sensitive and thoughtful man! And, you sure have been through alot in your life. Lots of ups and downs.

      I’m sorry you lost your beagle dog. It’s so difficult to say good-bye to a pet. We share our lives with them, and then they leave…and they take a piece of our heart with them. Sad!

      What works for me is to find other things to hope in. Not this world, for this world is fleeting and shallow. My hope is in God, and I’ve found my relationship with Him to be the anchor for my soul when the seasons get rough.

      What do you hope for, and in?