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How To Be Free – Blossom Tip 7

Just for today, what if you accepted everything that happens not with a sigh, but with a song?

That, my friend, is the secret to freedom: flowing with the events of life instead of fussing, fighting, or freaking out.


Singing – not Sighing – in Israel

We arrived at our Eilat hotel hot, weary, and thirsty. We’d gotten up at 4 am that morning to hike up Masada (awesome! you should do it!). Then we drove through the hot dry dusty Negev desert for 3 hours.

What should’ve been a typical check-in at a family-run motel turned exploded when I asked to switch rooms. O, those Israeli tempers! Our room reeked of sewage, even though they had the air conditioning on and the windows open. The owner of the hotel — the dad — was furious at me for complaining. He told us to leave. He didn’t want us to stay, saying we were causing trouble…so he booted us onto the street.
Alas, alack! What to do? Go around the corner and find another hotel, that’s what. And praise God for what He allows into your life — not what He withholds. That is how to be free.


Accept God’s will not with a sigh, but with a song.

Are you sad, mad, or glad about something in your life? Are you disappointed in God or depressed about how things are turning out?

How To Be Free Blossom TipsMaybe you’re yearning for someone you loved and lost. Maybe you’re struggling with forgiving someone — or forgiving yourself. Maybe your self-esteem and self-image is in tatters, your self-respect at an all-time low.

No matter what you’re facing, go around the corner. Seek, and you will find treasures you didn’t know existed. Trust that God is taking care of you, even when He doesn’t tell you what He’s doing.

Yours is not to know. Yours is to trust and obey. You will find freedom, lightness of heart, and a joyful spirit if you accept God’s will not with a sigh, but with a song.


Until next week, my friend! I’ll be back in Vancouver, Canada. Where will you be?

How are you doing today? Are you struggling to accept God’s will, or are you singing with a humble, joyful, grateful heart?

Shalom from Israel,


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