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The First Book in the “She Blossoms” Series Will Be Called…

Blossom: Finding Hope and Healing for Your Heart After Loss is the working title of the first “She Blossoms” book in my series! Of course, “working title” means it could change in 15 minutes. But it’s been the working title for over a month, so it may stick for another day or two.

Last week, I polled my She Blossoms newsletter readers. I listed two possible titles for my first Blossom book and asked them to pick a favorite – and I was shocked by the results! You’ll find the results of the Blossom title tally are just below. But first, let’s splash around in a pond for a second. A frog pond.

One of my readers sent me such a beautiful and inspiring description of the home she’s building for the frogs and toads in her neighborhood, I had to ask her for permission to share it with you…

Blossoming amid frogs, toads, and lily pads

“I love nature and animals,” said Lynette, “and I’m working on a project. I’m putting in a pre-formed pond in my backyard. We’ll put curved pavers around it, as we can’t have the pond submerged in the rocky ground. My handyman/neighbor, Jason, who is like my son, is doing the hard work – but I try to do as much as I can, too. I’m hoping to attract frogs and toads. I also want to put in a filter, fountain, and water plants. This is giving my heart a lift – something pleasant to think about and plan. I’m sure my beloved husband would have liked the idea, as he loved nature like I do.”

Doesn’t it sound lovely? The pond, the frogs and toads, her handyman/neighbor who is like her son.

First Book in the She Blossoms SeriesLynette is grieving the death of her beloved husband…but she’s also looking for ways to lift her heart and spirits. She’s sad she has to let go of the past…but she’s stepping forward with courage and creativity.

(hey, how’s that for a book title? Blossoming After Loss: How to Step Forward With Courage and Creativity. Lynette, if this actually becomes the title of my first “She Blossoms” book, you get a free copy!).

When you’re struggling to let go the past, you’ll have good days and bad days. Eventually you’ll have more good than bad days – if you hang on to those little glimpses of glory, peace, and joy. And especially if you look for ways to give your heart a lift. Can you find your own way to make a home for the frogs and toads in your neighborhood? :-)

What, my friend, is your “something pleasant to think about and plan”?

Don’t dwell in the past, for it is finished. Put your heart and hope in a new song — one of life, love, and freedom. Fix your eyes on the only source of living water, constantly refreshing and filing you with joy, peace, and healing. Blossom!

“Blossom Book Title” Results

Surprisingly, the results were exactly 50/50!

  • Blossom: Healing Your Heart After a Difficult Loss (18 votes)
  • Blossoming After Loss: How to Let Go of Someone You Love (18 votes)

Many of my She Blossoms blog readers didn’t vote, but emailed their creative title combinations and thoughts on writing. I appreciate it so much — and I value your comments, too! Even the short little messages echo in my heart long after you leave them.

After massaging the results, I decided on Blossom: Finding Hope and Healing for Your Heart After Loss.

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Take good care of yourself, for you are worth taking good care of.


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