Finding Blossoms in a Jar of Marbles

I discovered one way to treasure every moment of your life – even if you’re not exactly living the life of your dreams. Especially if you’re not living the life of your dreams.

Get a jar, and fill it with marbles.

Not just any number of marbles. No, you need a specific number. How many? It depends how many years you think you have left to live.

For example, if you’re 45 years old (like me), you may believe you have about 45 years left on this planet. This translates to about 2,340 weekends before you slip away.

Fill your jar with 2,340 marbles. Before each weekend starts, take one marble out of the jar.

Every marble represents one weekend of your life.

How a Jar of Marbles Helps You Blossom:

  1. You have a symbolic, solid, visual representation of your life – how fast it goes by and how precious it is.
  2. You may find yourself reconsidering how to spend your valuable, precious, irretrievable blocks of time.

I haven’t actually filled a jar with 2,340 marbles…but it has definitely changed the way I think about how I’m spending my weekends.

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” asks poet Mary Oliver.



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Go well.


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