Extroverted Writers, Skin Problems, Why Couples Break Up – New Quips and Tips!

This month, my “Quips and Tips” articles ranged from Valentine’s Day gift ideas to having multiple babies because of fertility treatments…with a little bit of Maui thrown in for good luck!

What’s really on my mind, however, is my “Make Money Blogging” course that I’ll soon be teaching through Simon Fraser University, in Vancouver. I’m thrilled at the opportunity to share what I’ve learned over the years…and I love earning money from my blog writing! If you’re in Vancouver in May, I hope to see you at the course. Questions? Ask me below!

Okay, here’s a roundup of my most recent articles on Quips and Tips, See Jane Soar, and Psychology at Suite101…

New Articles on Quips & Tips for Successful Writers

How the Power of Love Can Save Your Marriage– Some writers are afraid of rejection (also known as “failure”), while others are afraid of succeeding. This article describes what fear of success really means for writers

Natural Mood Stabilizers That Don’t Have Side Effects– If I write describe a problem, then I need to help solve it, right?

7 Ways for Extroverts to Increase Their Writing Productivity – because I realized that people with extroverted personality traits may struggle with the writing life more than people with introverted personality traits!

New Articles on Quips & Tips for Achieving Your Goals

5 Anti-Aging Foods and Proteins That Reduce Skin Problems – I wrote a great article for MSN Health a couple years ago. This is an excerpt of that article, plus a link to the original.

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Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend – From Pretty to Practical– because Valentine’s Day is just ‘round the corner, and I don’t know what to get for my sweetheart…

How to Make Conversation for Introverts – because people with introverted personality traits don’t always find chit chat easy (I know I don’t!).

Top 10 Things to Do in Maui– I loved my vacation in Maui, and am already planning my return trip.

10 Reasons to Stay at the Aston Maui Kaanapali Villas in Hawaii – this is one of the few hotels I’d return to. Perfect in many ways, and not just because it’s on one of the most gorgeous beaches in Maui!

How to Let Go of Someone You Love– I wrote this for Suite101 about three years ago, and decided to edit and reprint it on Quips and Tips. It’s good stuff!

New Articles on Quips & Tips for Couples Coping With Infertility

Prescription Drug Treatments for Female Infertility – Some medications can help women with specific health problems (polycycstic ovarian syndrome, for instance) get pregnant.

3 Fertility Operations for Women Who Can’t Get Pregnant – Some surgeries can help women get pregnant, if they have scarred or blocked fallopian tubes…or even if they’ve been sterilized!

How Fertility Treatments and Drugs Contribute to Multiple Births – A press release, about how infertility treatments are connected to twins, triplets, and so on. Interesting!

Laurie's "She Blossoms" Books

growing forward book laurie pawlik she blossoms
Growing Forward When You Can't Go Back offers hope, encouragement, and strength for women walking through loss. My Blossom Tips are fresh and practical - they stem from my own experiences with a schizophrenic mother, foster homes, a devastating family estrangement, and infertility.

letting go book laurie pawlik she blossoms

How to Let Go of Someone You Love: Powerful Secrets (and Practical Tips!) for Healing Your Heart is filled with comforting and healthy breakup advice. The Blossom Tips will help you loosen unhealthy attachments to the past, seal your heart with peace, and move forward with joy.

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When You Miss Him Like Crazy: 25 Lessons to Move You From Broken to Blossoming After a Breakup will help you refocus your life, re-create yourself, and start living fully again! Your spirit will rise and you'll blossom into who you were created to be.

That’s it for January, my friends! If you have any questions, comments, or jokes for me, please share below…

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