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How to Blossom When You’re Knee-Deep in Dirt

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I love that we’re living in a tangled garden of wild flowers – SheBlossoms! But there is one difference between us and the sunflowers, roses, daises, and petunias that grow all around us…and that difference is choice.

How to Choose to Blossom Through Dirt

Choose to Blossom

You and I have the choice to Blossom, regardless of our circumstances.

Sometimes we have no power over our situation – but not very often. Sometimes we’re forced to stay in circumstances that are emotionally draining or physically suffocating us – but not very often.

And even when we are imprisoned by our responsibilities, families, unhealthy choices, bad luck, or even physical jail cells…we don’t have to be imprisoned by our minds or emotions.

You and I can choose to Blossom even when we’re kneeling in dirt.

How I wilted last week

My Blossom blogs (of which I have six!) were trampled last week. They were out of commission, full of nasty weeds and pesticides and mean giants who stomped through every row of my beautiful garden. Thankfully, it wasn’t malware – my Blossom blogs were wilting under all the traffic. My web hosting software is old and unable to take care of all the company we were having.

So, I only wrote an article or two last week. It was frustrating, disheartening, and scary. My Blossom blogs are my full-time job! I actually didn’t mind losing money every day…I was more concerned about the long-term, permanent effects of not being visible to Google. They have search “bots” that stop coming to crawl your site if you’re offline.

My other concern was losing my blogs altogether. On Day 2, I actually started thinking of what type of job I should get because I was scared I lost all my content.

The thought of starting over makes my heart sink. I have literally thousands of blog posts, and hundreds of thousands of comments. I LOVE when readers comment on blog posts I wrote in 2008, 2010, 2015! I’m corresponding with you, and I started our SheBlossoms Facebook Group. I can’t imagine starting over.

And yet, I blithely encourage women to start over all the time. It’s no problem, I say, just pack up your things, leave the unhealthy situation that makes you unhappy, and start over somewhere new!

Now I see how hard it is. Truthfully, I’d find it easier to pack up my house and move to a new city than to start a whole new blogging “empire” from scratch. I love the idea of a fresh start when it comes to geography. In my virtual life, however, I want things to stay exactly the same.

But the good news is that my blogs DIDN’T stay the same…I hired a website engineer, and he made my blogs faster and lighter than ever before. I knelt in dirt for a week before I finally chose to Blossom by asking for help.

Are you tired of kneeling in dirt? Do you need to make a fresh start, or a small change that will make a big difference?

How to Blossom When You’re Knee-Deep in Dirt

Something happened on Day 6 of my week-long Blossom blog catastrophe: I discovered what True Freedom feels like. I chose to Blossom whenever I felt scared, insecure or anxious about what was happening in my life.

True Freedom is having serious problems that scare you…and yet choosing to be filled with peace and faith. True Freedom is feeling the pull of anxiety, dread, and fear…and yet choosing to reach upwards and fall on your knees.

True Freedom is about accepting that you’re in this situation and you have these problems…and yet you find yourself filled with light, joy, and goodwill because you refuse to step outside of God’s river of life, love, and grace.

You can choose to Blossom, no matter what season you’re in.

Look upwards. Live purely. Be quiet. Do what God has set before you. Like the sun, peek out from behind the clouds. Shine! Blossom.

Today, what is one thing you can do to water your soul, lighten your spirit, and show yourself kindness, gentleness, and love?

In peace and passion,



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