The Blossomy Best Way to Start Your Day

What’s your favourite way to start the day?

I get up at 4 a.m. every morning — but you’ll be relieved to know I’m not saying you have to get up that early to Blossom! In fact, I’d call you crazy if you rose with me. 🙂

Even when it’s dark and rainy, I love the start of a fresh new day. The jolt of a hot strong cuppa coffee loaded with cream and sugar, the chance to clear away all the cobwebs and fragments of the night, the thought that today everything could change…it’s just Blossomy.

My first stop (after brewing my coffee, feeding the cat, and letting the dog out) is God. I write to Him in my journal. I always start with how amazing He is — the depths of His creativity, majesty, love, compassion, sense of humour, freedom, grace, forgiveness, patience! Sometimes I even blow Him a kiss.

The minute I start thanking God for who He is — not what He’s given me — I come alive in a whole new way.


The key to starting your day right

Take 5 minutes to soak up the power and holiness of God — or your Creator, the Universe, or whatever you envision God to be. Just stop and listen for the Roar of Something Greater.

Take a deep breath.

Every cell of your body is a miracle! Every breath you take is a gift, every beat of your heart is precious and mysterious. Life, even when it’s miserable, is a miracle. This, my friend, is how to start your day right.

best way to start your day she blossomsThe gifts and blessings He’s given you are wonderful and praiseworthy! But…don’t dwell there. This life you’ve been given? It’s not all about you.

Look down beneath your feet and see His power, majesty, holiness, and awesomeness. The details He’s put into the tiniest ants, seeds, and weeds is mind-blowing! Every color of the rainbow is deep and rich, every bite of food flavorful and nourishing, every breath fuel for your brain and heart and lungs.

When you stop and really think about how amazing life is – and vulnerable, precious, fragile – you fall to your knees. This, my friend, is how to start your day right. The more time you spend in praise and wonder, the more humble you feel. And when you feel humble, you are filled with gratitude, love, and joy.


The is the right way to start your day

Imagine what would it be like to start your day with a sense of childlike awe and wonder! To be just amazed by God’s beauty, creativity, love, and compassion? To be humbled at the gift of taking one more breath? Everything else — all the trivial problems and minor irritants and even the heartbreaking sorrows — would pale in comparison.

Everything changes when you start your day this way.

How did you start your day today? What do you want to do differently tomorrow? It may not be easy to get up a few minutes earlier, shake off the cobwebs, and humbly bow before your Creator…but it’s worth it.

Allow God’s presence — His simple, powerful presence — to Blossom you. He created you to flourish. He’s always here with you, patiently waiting, loving you just the way you are.

In peace and passion,


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