Blossoms in Your Email List

When my email address list reached 1,500 contacts, I decided it was time to declutter.

Actually, the real reason I decluttered was because I sent a slightly confidential email to the wrong Frances. The Frances I was supposed to email is my supervisor (I’m a casual relief employee at a transitional house for women fleeing domestic violence). The Frances I actually emailed is someone I don’t even know. How did her email address end up in my contact list? Your guess is as good as mine.

A couple days ago I went through my email contacts. As I deleted deleted deleted, I saw name after name of people I lost touch with. Old friends, coworkers, even family members – people I love, but never connect with. They live all over the world, we’re all busy, who has time to even send Christmas cards anymore, blah blah blah.

So I stopped decluttering my email contact list, and wrote a quick update on my life (eg, we just got back from Croatia, my bunion’s name is Bumpy, I’m excited about going on a Missions Trip to Haiti in January, etc).

I went back to the culling of my contacts list. Every time I saw the email address of someone I know and love, I sent them my update. It felt really good to remember our friendship and reach out to them…and I think I sent about 50 emails in all.

Now, my old friends are emailing me back. Every day I get at least two emails from people I haven’t connected with in a long time…and it feels so good! I love reading their updates and remembering our friendship.

Want to feel good? Email an old friend

Have you ever scrolled through your email list and remembered the people you once knew and still love? It’s a really good way to feel the love and support of past relationships.

Take it a step further. Write a little life update, and send it to the people you love. Don’t worry if you haven’t spoken to them in years! What’s a decade or two between old friends?

Send out your warmth and love, and receive with joy the love that comes back.

Speaking of sending and receiving – thank you, dear readers, for your encouragement! I really appreciate the tips you sent for comforting and supporting a friend whose mom has cancer. It is truly an honor to hear from you. I save every email.

Blessings and Blossoms,



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