Blossoming When You Have No Hope Left

If you feel hopeless, have I got a story for you! A dream, to be more specific.

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Blossoming When You Have No Hope Left

Last night I dreamt that two people brought Zoey back to me. She was my cat, who I had to give away 15 years ago when I moved to Africa.

Long ago, I gave up hope of ever touching Zoey again – or  even catching a glimpse of her! When those two people (one was a veterinarian, the other a vet assistant) told me they were bringing her back to me, I didn’t believe them. They even told me in advance, to give me time to prepare.

I refused to believe.

I’d given up hope, and I couldn’t allow myself to accept the possibility that it could be true. I’d stopped looking, stopped believing. I thought too much time had passed.

blossoming when you have no hopeThe veterinarian and his friend didn’t just give me my cat back, they gave me a piece of myself that had been missing for years. It broke my heart to give Zoey away, and I never fully recovered. We never really “get over” the pain of losing someone, do we?

In my dream last night, I received something even more precious than the cat I deeply loved. I was given the gift of restoration and healing, surrender and acceptance. A piece of my heart came home to me.

What have you given up on? Have you stopped hoping for something you truly wanted…and perhaps even needed? Maybe you’ve even been told it’s coming back to you, but you just can’t believe it.

Maybe it’s not too late. Maybe you won’t get it back the exact way, shape, or form you expect. Maybe you won’t get the specific person, possession, or dream that you want…but maybe you’ll be given back a piece of your heart. And maybe that’ll be even better.

Stay open. Let yourself believe. Receive.

Are you struggling with hopelessness? Read How to Hold on to Hope When Life Seems Hopeless.

I welcome your thoughts below. I can’t give advice, but you may find that writing helps you feel less alone. Perhaps even more hopeful.

Blessings and Blossoms,


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