Blossoming on Stage When You’re Terrified

What would your life be like if you weren’t self-conscious, or worried what people think, or scared to get up on stage and belt it out like there’s no tomorrow?

blossoming adventurous writerIt would be awesome.

For the past six weeks, I’ve been buried in a (lovely but all-consuming) garden of classical music and stage fright. An Israeli organist asked me to play three pieces with her in a small house concert and a larger organ recital.

I thought the hardest part would be learning the two highest notes on the top register of the flute. But the hardest part turned out to be my extreme performance anxiety! It’s awful hard to play the flute when your throat is closed, you can’t breathe, your heart is pounding, and your arms are shaking.

In How to Get Over Stage Fright – 6 Best Tips for Introverts, I described how I choked in the first concert. It was a small roomful of friends and artists (which heightened my anxiety).

And in How to Play the Flute on Stage When You’re Nervous, I share how I survived the second concert – which was much more important. And yet easier, because it was a churchful of strangers.

How does stage fright affect you? Most of us can avoid the terrifying feeling of performance anxiety by simply choosing not to get on stage! But sometimes we say “yes” before we realize what we’re getting ourselves into…and then we’re thrown out of the nest.

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