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Blossom With Your Money

We’re planning a trip to Croatia next month, to celebrate our 10th anniversary. Yes, very exciting!

st maarten honeymoon laurie bruce

Bruce and me, on our honeymoon in St Maarten, 2005

And very expensive.

The flights cost over $3,000, and we expect to spend at least $6,000 on accommodations, food, sightseeing, and a souvenir or two. I expected those travel expenses.

But I always forget how much it costs to hire a house and dog sitter for Georgie and Tiffy. This time it’ll be $900. That means our trip will cost $10,000.

That’s a lot of money. Approximately $1,000 for every year we’ve been married, or $100 a month.

Can you tell I have a hard time spending money? I’m definitely thrifty with my money (frugal, tightwad, cheapskate). I grew up in poverty and I cling to every penny I earn or find. Money is security to me; the more I have in the bank, the more secure I feel.

It doesn’t make me happy to be so tight fisted, so dependent on money for security. It doesn’t bring me peace or joy. On the contrary, my dependence on money makes me feel insecure and unhappy. It negatively affects my relationships, experiences, and life. I spend money on yearly vacations – but even when I’m traveling, I’m cheap.

So I brought it to God in my morning writing and prayer time, and this what I heard:

Blossom With Your Money

Blossom With Your Money

Hold your money loosely, like water flowing through your fingers. Everything is temporary: every person, possession, animal, experience, job, responsibility. Every flower, every muffin, every ice cream sundae. The things in your life are not to be gripped tightly, but to be cradled lightly. Enjoyed fully and fleetingly.

Only Jesus should I grip in a tight embrace. Everything else, I need to be free to release any time.

Even my money. Especially my money, because I tend to let it shove Jesus out of the way.

What About You and Money?

Are you frugal or free with your money? More importantly, is money a source of joy and peace because you use it as a tool that helps you enjoy your life and bless others?

After my morning session with God and money, I was shocked to find that I no longer cared about spending that $900 on a house and dog sitter. Croatia will cost what it costs, and I am deeply thankful that I have a 10 year marriage to celebrate, and the resources to celebrate with the Croats! Somehow, He changed how I see money.

May your money bring you joy and peace, and may it help you bless others.

Blessings and Blossoms,



Travel is the only thing you buy

that makes you richer.


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PS Got any hot travel tips for Croatia? Do tell! :-)

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  1. It’s interesting how similar backgrounds can affect two people differently. I grew up poor with a very selfish mother and married a man who invented cheap. Those experiences made me careless with money.