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How to Become a Writer Without a Degree

No, Successful Writers Do Not Need Journalism Degrees

A degree in journalism, creative writing, literature or even online content creation does not guarantee a successful writing career. In fact, a writing-related degree can be a hindrance for writers who want to make money. It’s better to have a well-rounded education and broad platform. My degrees are in Psychology, Education and Social Work, but I didn’t need a university or college education to be a successful writer.

11 Popular Types of Magazine Articles – Print & Online

11 Most Popular Types of Magazine Articles – Print & Online

You’ll be surprised by the variety of these different types of online and print magazine articles! This comprehensive list includes feature length stories, roundups, personality profiles, research shorts, human interest pieces, and “how to” articles. Whether you’re an aspiring freelance writer or an established author you’ll find lots of ideas in this list.